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In Democratland, Boys are Girls and Elephants are People

In their quest to make the world as nuts as they are, democrats keep choosing hills to die on that are built on insanity.

Their latest dive into the absurd has the nonprofit civil rights organization called Nonhuman Rights Project (NhRP) in court trying to get legal personhood rights [1] for Happy the 50-year-old Asian elephant who lives in the Bronx zoo.

NhRP wants personhood rights for elephants, apes, dolphins and whales and in the case of Happy the elephant, they are arguing the point of habeas corpus and unlawful imprisonment. They want Happy to be released to an elephant sanctuary.

The case is currently in the New York Court of Appeals and the decision is expected to be decided in the next month. 

The fact that this case has gotten this far and wasn’t dismissed on the first day is a joke.

I am in animal rescue and there are plenty of problems with the federal, state and local laws that are supposed to protect animals but this personhood thing is truly insane.

NhRP don’t even have Happy’s permission to represent her. Did she give them money to sue the zoo? My guess is no. The nonprofit group have no standing without Happy’s authorization to represent her.

If Happy actually gets “personhood” rights, what is next?

Does a nonprofit get to come along and sue me because I’m not buying my dog enough dog toys?

Will McDonald’s be sued because they sell hamburgers?

Will all of the chickens of the world be released from captivity?

Will the fish in our lakes and seas get attorneys to keep us out of the water so we don’t bother them?

Steven Wise, president of NhRP said, “What we’re saying is that she (Happy) has a right to bodily liberty and that that makes her no longer a thing. She’s a person.”

No, Happy is NOT a person.

No, boys are not girls – and girls are not boys.

Facts matter. Truth matters.

But democrats don’t live in that world.