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Extremists At State Level Will Hijack Roe Debate

It seems at times the abortion debate is solely between religious fanatics and mass baby murderers, between those who claim divine sanction for their social views and those who seem to enjoy the prospect of ending a pregnancy.

Well, there are others who have views on this question. And they, we, think this is not about God and not about toxic femininity in action. This is about whether it should be legal or not to end a potential life before a fetal heartbeat is detected and then whether to murder a human being after a baby has a heartbeat. No obfuscations are going to change those facts.

Health of the mother, rape, and incest should qualify to end a potential life before a heartbeat. Granted, at that point the individual choice of the mother should take priority. Nothing but health of the mother or prenatal viability qualifies after a heartbeat.

Sound fanatic either way to you? If we define fanaticism as being on the extreme edge of a subject, then by definition the above is not fanatic, but mainstream. How? Because in poll after poll, the latest being a very recent Marist Poll, over 70 percent of Americans generally think the way I do. They would allow abortions in the first trimester of a pregnancy and not after that point.

It is a compromise. It is prochoice in the initial stages of a pregnancy and prolife for the greater time to come. This doesn’t include the bloodthirsty butchers who champion partial birth abortion. They are only found at Planned Parenthood and in the higher reaches of a similar death cult known as the Democrat Party.

Now that the issue is likely soon to be kicked back to the states, political extremists will make up the most vociferous paladins for both sides.

The prolifers, aside from the dozen or so states that have already decided that if Roe goes they are prolife, will try and ride the current prolife momentum. The prochoicers, aside from states like Colorado and New York who have laws on the books to make them automatically prochoice if Roe is knocked down, will be on the offensive and will liken the end of Roe to the end of all freedom in America and in the Dem classic trope, a “war against women.” Though amusingly, it has already been changed in some circles to “a war against people with a uterus,” because, as all good Democrats believe, men with uteruses (?) can also carry babies.

The biggest fights will happen in swing states like Pennsylvania and will pit the choicer urbanites vs the lifer rural population, with the burbs splitting down the middle. Women will break prochoice 55-45, as they have been indoctrinated to do so. Men will break slightly prolife, as many voters will be dads. Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, and other swing stages are up for grabs.

If the prolife side can come across as reasoned and logical and perhaps compromise towards the national consensus, then they should win most contests. If so, they will surely be aided by the shrill cacophony that will no doubt be employed by many choicers. It’s the only sound most of them know.