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What’s Going on with the Emergency Google Chrome Update? Hacks by the Russians?

The emergency update [1]to the browser Chrome that Google announced recently has been largely flying under the radar. 

Lost in the sea of news media stories covering Ukraine, Will Smith and the Supreme Court confirmation hearings was a blog post [2] from Google that their 32 billion Chrome users need to update their browsers immediately.

Apparently, they confirmed a dangerous hack, it’s third in ten days. They won’t tell anyone what’s going on though or who’s doing it. No surprise there.

Google has listed this as a “high” threat level. Windows, Mac and Linux are all affected.

Tech expert Kim Komando [3] says this kind vulnerability of the browser can result in hackers stealing your personal information and data from your browser, capturing your login details and passwords.

Is this a Russian attack? Could be.

Of course, it’s just as likely to be our own government messing around, doing nefarious things.