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Try to Kill a Republican and Become a Megastar

Some of you might not know, amidst the bustling news cycles, that John Hinckley Jr. will be unconditionally released this June [1].

Free to go about his business and live a free and happy life.

Yes, THAT John Hinckley Jr. The one who tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan.

You would think that trying to kill a president would earn you the death penalty. Life in prison (or a mental facility) at the very least.

But alas, that is not the case.

And in fact, unlike former President Trump, Hinckley Jr. is allowed to have a Twitter account [2]. In fact, he has 21.5K followers.

It was on Twitter that he recently announced an upcoming musical concert with special guests. 

Who might those guests be? Jussie Smollett, Colin Kaepernick, Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin or Frank R. James perhaps?

Hinkley Jr., who tried to kill Reagan back in March of 1981, had been found not guilty by reason of insanity and was in a psychiatric hospital until 2016 when he was released to the care of his mom with restrictions and a cell phone to track him (like the illegal aliens are getting)

In addition to being totally free in June, Bill Clinton-appointed Judge Paul L. Friedman (how shocking) is also allowing him to sell his art and play music to make a living. Of course, if those two things don’t work out, he can also work for CNN or MSNBC like Psaki is planning.

How grand! How grand to be able to profit off of attempting to assassinate a republican president.

So how many of you think that someone who attempted to assassinate President Barack Obama would EVER be released? Yeah, that wouldn’t happen. That would be about the only crime that might keep someone in jail these days.

But go after a republican president and someday you are good to go and can end up being a megastar, making art like corrupt Hunter Biden and singing your songs.

Judge Friedman says that Hinckley Jr. is mentally stable, has been following the rules he was given and is no longer a threat.

First of all, the judge doesn’t know if he’s a threat. Secondly, the guy tried to kill a president and shot and injured others including police officers. There is such a thing as punishment for crimes that are committed. But leftists don’t believe in that type of thing. It’s obvious that the Clinton judge certainly doesn’t.

So Hinckley decided to have a concert [3] in Brooklyn this summer and he’s all excited because it’s sold out. 

What’s really been sold out is our justice system. It doesn’t seem to exist anymore.