- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

There is No 99% Democrat

When you are a democrat, a liberal, a leftist…whatever you want to call yourself, you have to be fully committed to the nonsense that your party spews.

You have to be all-in with climate change craziness and getting rid of oil and cars – and riding horses to work.

You have to pretend that Biden knows what he’s doing and isn’t running the country into the ground.

You have to be A-OK with illegal aliens invading your country at record numbers, even if that means brining in COVID-19, drugs, sex trafficking and other crimes.

You have to be okay with the possibility of being mugged (or worse) if you enter a democrat-run cesspool like Chicago or NYC.

You have to be okay (or say that you are okay) with boys and men going into the bathrooms and locker rooms of your eight-year-old daughters.

You have to adhere to the party line no matter what it is – no matter how crazy things get. 

You can’t deviate. Not even a little.

The leftist cancel culture mob will go after their own when they step out of line and go outside what the party expects of them. Or if they embarrass them and they become a liability.

Sometimes it happens quickly – and sometimes slowly like in the case of former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Sometimes the passage of time and certain behaviors get so bad that the democrats can’t ignore the truth anymore.

Speaking of Cuomo, he appears to be fighting back against the democratic cancel culture and is telling people that he’s “not going anywhere [1]” and that he wants to fight hard so that government works.

We probably shouldn’t count him out. Usually all it takes to get back in the good graces of the cookoo left is to pick up on the latest fad that the leftists are into – or to go after Trump for something.