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How Do You Overcount a Person? Census Bureau Disputes Their Own Census Results.

The government’s census page on the internet says they counted “every person [1]” but they are disputing their own statement.

The Biden Census Bureau recently released a report [2] on how Blacks, Latinos and Native Americans were undercounted in the 2020 census and Whites and Asians were overcounted. 

How do you overcount a person – and how do you know the number of people who are undercounted?

Well, it’s easy if you don’t get the results that you want. Then you tell everyone the numbers are wrong. That’s what democrats do when faced with a reality they don’t like – they change the rules, they change the metrics or just lie about numbers altogether.

The report released is called “National Census Coverage Estimates for People in the United States by Demographic Characteristics.” 

Why? Because the democrats prefer estimates and not facts and because the democrats frame everything they do by race. Thank goodness we have a statistical studies division to prepare the report and tell us what’s really going on (insert sarcasm here).

In the real world, one person is one person. One plus one is two. But not with democrats.

The democrats are truly insane. But that is not news.

Because they didn’t like the results they got, the democrats came up with two different estimates [3] to skew the actual results. One is called the Post-Enumeration Survey and the other is called the Demographic Analysis Estimates.

Their report discusses the methodology they used to estimate new results. They “implemented operations to account for missing data…” Wow, what smart people. They are actually able to find data that doesn’t exist!

It’s kind of like their climate change BS – they use computer models and estimates to get the results that they want. 

Facts are irrelevant in the land of democrats. They get to decide what the information is – just like with COVID-19 and everything else. 

The queens and kinds of misinformation, disinformation and mal-information are in charge now and we get to live in their fairy tale world.

This is just another area of the government that the democrats have perverted in order to advance their political agendas and push their race-baiting.