- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

Democrats Plan to Bribe Voters to Hide Their Failures

Yes, the purge of the democrats from the Senate and House in November looks pretty inevitable. 

And the democrats are upset that they are getting blamed for the destruction they have brought on the American people – product shortages, labor shortages, food prices going through the roof, gas prices going through the roof…

Their insane leftist policies, COVID-19 shutdowns, vaccine mandates and their war on fossil fuel…these things are all clamping down on our economy and capitalism itself. 

And it’s all on purpose to reimagine our system. 

Obama said in his first inauguration speech that the democrats would be remaking America.

And like Biden said recently, there is a “new world order” coming.

But in the short term, the democrats need to offset the financial pain that has befallen their voters. 

First, the government help came in the form of stimulus checks and extra unemployment benefits, then child tax credits – and now they’re working on legislation to give us money for the “Putin price hike” that they actually caused way before Putin invaded Ukraine.

The democrats want to hand out $300 a month [1] to American families to help pay for the high gas prices. Will these Americans have to actually own a car to get this new stimulus check? I doubt it.

So they’re trying to fix the inflation problem that THEY created when they handed out money by handing out more money. Brilliant.

Instead of letting our country become energy independent and letting America fulfill our own energy needs (and the world’s), the democrats plan to continue their war on fossil fuel and are looking to Iran and Venezuela to help us out with our needed oil supply.

And they’ll keep paying us off with bribes so we don’t notice that they’re purposely trying to destroy our capitalist system.