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Dangerous New York Bail Reform Changes are Rescinded in the New Budget

Many of the sick radical democrats got their way after their protests and rioting and they were able to defund the police, demoralize the police and chase the police out of their jobs and into early retirement. They also used George Soros money to elect anti-law pro-criminal prosecutors and DAs.

The result, not surprisingly, was a crime wave all over the country. Their criminal justice reform was only a reform to benefit criminals. The criminals are being let out of jail without bail, some aren’t even being charged at all and innocent people are being assaulted and murdered.

But it looks like the people, the commoners, the folks…the’ve had it with this democrat plan and some of the politicians are looking to do what they need to in order to save their jobs and stop the bad PR they are getting.

In New York, bail reform changes [1] are in the 2020-2021 New York State budget and New York Governor Kathy Hochul supports it.

It’s part of her public safety plan [2]. Her 10-point plan deals with more aggressively going after repeat offenders in addition to making other changes to help keep New Yorkers safer from predators.

A memo from her office said “For offenses that are not currently subject to arrest, police will have the ability (though not the requirement) to deny a Desk Appearance Ticket (DAT) and arrest an individual who has previously received a DAT within 18 months. All second offenses within a certain period of time will be bail-eligible.”

Some sanity was actually put into the budget bill which lists an expansion of bail eligible/qualifying offenses. 

Among many other things, criminals will now have to come up with bail money if they are changed with sex trafficking a child, a hate crime, aggravated assault on a child younger than 11, strangulation in the second degree, money laundering in support of terrorism, and many other things.

The language of the bill also allows more discretion for the judges to set a higher bail based on the criminal history.

The budget is due to be completed [3] by April 1st.

By putting the bail reform changes into the budget bill, it gives the radical democrats cover if they vote for it.

So we’ll see if this whole idea of trying to keep people safe ends up just being one big April Fools joke or if the democrats actually do their jobs and protect their citizens.