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Biden Paying Russia to Torture Cats

For some reason, the Biden administration enjoys paying for the torture of cats and dogs in the name of “science.” 

As you probably remember, Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Health (NIH) has been torturing Beagles [1] in Tunisia – and now we learn that our taxpayer money is going to Russia to torture cats.

Compliment of Fauci’s NIH – again. 

The Washington Times [2] is reporting that our government is still funding Russia’s state-run research labs including giving more than $500,000 in grant money to fund spinal cord research on cats.

The money pays for Russians to remove portions of a cat’s brains while electrodes are implanted in their spines. Then the cats have to walk on treadmills for hours and scientists look at the impact on their spinal cords.

How about we look at the impact of a sick American government giving Russians money to conduct sick animal experiments on the sly while Americans are in the dark?

The White Coat Waste Project [3], an animal rights group, uncovered this research. They are working on stoping taxpayer funded animal experiments.

Not surprisingly, most of the 18 cats did not survive. 

18 cats. The invoice on this added up to about $30,000 per cat.

31 labs in communist genocidal China and communist genocidal Russia are still receiving our taxpayer money from Fauci’s NIH that goes specifically to animal experiments. 

Pretty much to do whatever they want, mostly hidden out of the public view – like most things the government does.