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Beau Biden Foundation Appears to be a Scam Just Like Every Other Biden Endeavor

The Biden family lives and breathes corruption. They’ve made a career out of pay-to-play to enrich their family empires. 

Peter Schweizer has documented their corruption in his many books and even more of their depravation comes out every day, including all of the revelations that have come from Hunter Biden’s laptop.

The Bidens have never met an opportunity they couldn’t turn into a way to pad their bank accounts – while also helping friends and family members along the way.

The Beau Biden Foundation appears to be more of the same.

Even though the Beau Biden Foundation took in about $4 million in 2020, they only used about $550,000 on the charity’s mission [1] of preventing child abuse. 

The Biden family scum actually appears to be even worse than the Clinton family scum. 

The Clinton Foundation was pay-to-play. Money for access and favors. Not helping much of anyone with anything after the folks at the top get their cut.

But the Bidens went to a whole new level, using the name of Joe’s dead son to raise money for an organization that doesn’t spend a majority of their donations on their actual stated mission of helping kids.

What a bunch of degenerates.

In other words, democrat politicians.