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Yep, Election Cheating by Phone is Coming

Voting by phone, tablet and your computer.

Sounds like a grand idea. What could possibly go wrong?

I’m sure that there won’t be any problems with hacking or anything else. I totally trust the leftists NOT to interfere with any vote I send out on the World Wide Web.

Surely, the vote that I submit from my phone will be the vote recorded, right?

Looks like some leftists in Washington DC have been pushing to make this a reality. And why shouldn’t they? It’s much easier and faster than ballot harvesting or any of the other tricks they used to help Biden win the presidency. It sure takes a lot less effort to do this. It would take much less boots on the ground.

Tusk Philanthropies’ Mobile Voting Project [1] in DC has been funding a mobile voting push and says “our democracy is on the brink.” 

Yep, sure is. They’re right about that one.

In order to save democracy (i.e. the democrat party), they want every American to be able to vote by phone, their own version of paper absentee voting.

Tusk is a former campaign advisor to NYY Mayor Michael Bloomberg so you gotta know this is a totally legit endeavor.

And now, according to the Washington Post [2], it looks like the legislators in DC are on board with the idea, proposing new legislation to bring mobile voting to the DC area.

Democrats legislators (so funny that they’re all democrats right?) introduced the mobile voting bill on Friday. Council member Brooke Pinto says “The bill is really about improving access to voting to make sure we have the most representative democracy that we can.”

Yes, I’m sure it is. Democrats are all about a legitimate representative democracy.

And I’m sure that even though The White House, The Pentagon, The State Department and many other government agencies and banks across the planet have been hacked into successfully, the voter system won’t be (wink, wink).

I’m also totally sure that democrat operatives won’t walk up to voters in Starbucks and give them money or gift cards in exchange for their votes.

Yeah, I’m sure that’ll never happen.