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Will Biden Fire Durham?

The Russian hoax is becoming a bigger scandal than Watergate. The Obama administration, the Clinton campaign, and two US intelligence agencies all conspired to infiltrate, spy on, and thwart the presidential campaign of an opposing candidate. This would have been an actual insurrection, an actual coup.

Thus, the media and the Biden administration will do everything in their power to stop this investigation, given the fallout that will hit Democrats in the midterms and beyond. It could even result in prison for high level Democrats including current National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and Hillary herself. So, how far will they go to stop the hemorrhage?

Those of you who know history will recall the infamous Saturday Night Massacre. On October 20, 1973 Archibald Cox, the Watergate Special Prosecutor, was fired by Richard Nixon likely because the Cox investigation was coming too close to the Oval Office.

Well, Joe Biden is much more corrupt than Richard Nixon and John Durham has already come close to major players in the Democrat Party. Will Biden fire Durham before Sullivan or Hillary go down? Can he?

According to constitutional analyst Robert Romano, “Biden certainly could fire Durham under his Article II appointment powers. But if Durham were to be fired and the investigation was terminated prematurely without any new charges or a final report, it would give the appearance of a cover-up. And it would come at a time when there are still more revelations to come… whether Durham completes his investigation or is stopped by the Biden White House, there is more information to come on the origins of the investigation into Trump that falsely alleged he was a Russian agent, using the dossier of former British spy Christopher Steele that was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign in 2016 to distract from Clinton’s own private email server containing classified information scandal.”

Let’s also remember that Donald Trump did not fire Robert Mueller. Why? Trump knew himself to be innocent and gambled on Mueller’s integrity. Trump chose wisely, as Mueller exonerated him. If Biden fired Durham the Democrats would not appreciate the negative comparisons with Trump.

So, Biden can fire Durham. Will he? It’s a crap shoot, but the odds are against it. Firing Durham would look like a cover-up to voters and would make it worse for Democrats at the November polls. Plus, if and when Republicans take Congress in November they’d have the added fun of committee hearings on the Durham firing. In addition, a firing would just add fuel to the legal fire.

However, which is worse, the above-mentioned consequences or the National Security Advisor and Hillary Clinton, who is a former first lady, senator, Secretary of State, and Democrat presidential nominee, going to jail? Would she sing like a canary to avoid jail? One can only imagine what stories she could tell.