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Who Shut up AOC and the Other Crazies?

Does it seem to be a little quieter than normal?

Are you not able to hear DAILY about some crazy tweet that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or another squad member sent out?

It looks like crazy has taken a small break lately and my guess is that it has to do with the fact that the democrats only have 49 senators at the moment and are dead in the water getting anything passed without the help of their RINO friends on the other side of the aisle. 

The democrats are currently unable to ride the Crazytrain to Crazytown – which might actually help them in the midterms, although not much.

With the democrats down one senator with New Mexico’s Ben Ray Lujan out of commission after a stroke, the democrats can’t get anything done unless it happens in a bipartisan manner.

So instead of constantly giving press time to the craziest representatives on the left, the fake news media has devoted their airtime and websites to January 6th, Trump, Ukraine and the Genocide Olympics.

Is it possible that the person controlling the leftist fake media is Nancy Pelosi and she’s had enough of the progressive wing of her party and their insane words? 

Anticipating a wipeout in the November elections, maybe Nancy thinks a better strategy is to fly under the radar instead of telling the American people what they really stand for. After all, being honest about their intentions hasn’t worked out so well lately.

With crime waves going on across the country, product shortages, inflation and other democrat-made chaos, crazy doesn’t play as well as it once did.

The American people are rejecting democrats.

Rejecting the crime they brought to our cities with their defund the police mantra and pro-criminal prosecutors.

Rejecting their Build Back Worse bill.

Rejecting their mask mandates as the democrats cavort around town without masks.

Rejecting their vaccine mandates for vaccines that aren’t working.

Rejecting their idea to pack the court and get rid of the filibuster.

Rejecting the COVID-19 rules and schools being shut down.

Rejecting the schools teaching their kids to be racists or victims.

With elections coming up, crazy is being put on the back burner and all of a sudden, democrats are following the “science” and getting rid of their tyrannical mask mandates.

There are only a few democrats who aren’t on board with getting rid of crazy and one of those folks is President Disaster. He’s still talking about the Build Back Worse bill [1] even though it has no chance of passing.

Another democrat not living in the reality of the moment is Missouri democrat REP and Black Lives Matter activist Cori Bush [2] who can’t help herself and is still tweeting about defunding the police.

The democrat chickens have come home to roost and the American people have decided that they don’t want the chicken sh*t in their yard.