Yes, YOU are the ones who pay the taxes to keep your cities, counties and schools going. 

Yes, YOU are the ones who pay the salaries of your local government workers and you also fund whatever amount of money that your local government boards and committees have voted to pay themselves.

However, many government workers and also “volunteer” commissioners DON’T want to hear from you. 

They want to go about their business as they please and not hear any complaints. And they certainly don’t want others to know what they are doing whether it’s a city board, county board or school board.

Most of you learned that your voice isn’t important to them when you heard about parents going to school board meetings the past year protesting the teaching of critical race theory, implementing mask mandates and transgender rules.

In Michigan, as well as many other states, there are open meeting rules for government and school board meetings which means that public comments are allowed at their meetings. 

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In Leelanau County in Michigan, they had, in the past, allowed five minutes for public comment (which isn’t much time to begin with) but now they have decided to reduce that amount to three minutes. They also tried to limit the comments to items that were on the agenda but that idea didn’t pass.

In Grand Traverse County in Michigan, two years ago, they changed their hours of their meetings from being in the evening when working people might be able to show up to mornings at 8 am. Gee, that’s convenient. Thanks. Glad you could make life easier for yourselves and not the people you represent.

In Loudoun County, Virginia, a hotbed of pissed off parents, there is currently a lawsuit against the school system. According to Loudoun Now, three parents are suing for infringement on their rights to address the school board during a June meeting. The board had voted to end a public comment session after parents got emotional about their transgender policies. 

After that meeting, things got even more oppressive. The board room was closed to the public and speakers had to line up and enter the board room individually. Then they required that the speakers have ties to Loudoun county through the school, their business or their residence in order to speak.

In Palm Beach County, in California, their school board wants to limit the number of people who can speak at their meetings and the time they can speak. The public also wouldn’t be allowed to criticize individual board members and they could ban some comments from being broadcast.

The government, especially democrats, are all about suppressing any kind of dissent against their plans. A majority of them don’t believe in our individual rights, the constitution or limiting their powers. 

Now their dictatorship is happening on a local level because the politicians think they can get away with whatever they want. Everyone else has.

Luckily, taxpayers are getting “woke” to what’s going on and are pushing back.