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81-Year-Old Pelosi Running for Congress Again After Doing NOTHING to Help Her Own District

San Francisco is a cesspool.

Democrat speaker of the House and San Francisco REP Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old.

This problem can be solved by electing someone else to fill her seat in Congress.

Pelosi has been in Congress for more than 30 years but it’s not enough. She wants to keep hold of her power and her financial deals to keep the lifestyle she’s accustomed to with freezers full of ice cream.

So, yes, she’s running for Congress AGAIN [1] instead of retiring.

House members are supposed to be in Congress to represent a geographical district. In Nancy’s case, she is supposed to represent California’s 12th congressional district which encompasses four-fifths of the city and county of San Francisco.

But Nancy could care less about San Francisco which is evident by their high taxes [2], high gas prices, high crime stats, homelessness, drug use and the exodus of business owners out of the city.

Just in the past week, it was reported that anti-asian hate crimes in San Francisco have jumped 567% [3] and a woman escaped a sex trafficker [4] after being kidnapped and held captive. 

Nancy has said nothing about either of these two things. She fancies herself a Senator  (or even a president) instead of a representative of San Francisco.

All elections and politics are not local for Nancy. She has more important things to do. Bigger fish to fry.

Meanwhile, The Financial Times [5] reports that back in San Francisco, because of the crime and the crazies on the streets, crime is rampant in that city, especially property crimes and auto theft. The tech crowd is leaving the city but Nancy does nothing about it.

In her Twitter video [6] about running for congress again, she give thanks for being able to represent the city and “San Francisco values.”

These values, according to her, are human rights, reproductive justice, LGBTQ equality, respect for immigrants and care for each other. And, of course, climate change is a chief concern which involves things like green union jobs and “transportation justice” whatever the heck that is.

It would be a nice change of pace if Nancy actually cared for and did something about her own district while in Congress instead of giving the usual claptrap about climate change, equity and a whole bunch of other BS that doesn’t keep the people in her district safe or prosperous.

Even her own website [7] doesn’t list anything she’s done for San Francisco since 2013.

There are some democrats who think she needs to go – or at least step down from being the Speaker.

CNN’s Bakari Sellers [8] isn’t very happy with Nancy and wants new leadership in the House Democratic Caucus. 

Sellers said “Not only do we have to get younger but more vibrant and have bigger and bolder ideas to bring in a new generation of voters.”

Sellers says her legacy is already written and she needs to hit the road – at least as the Speaker. He said “Part of being a real leader is knowing when it is time to turn the reins over.”

I think old Nance needs to read what’s on the website [9] for the United States House of Representatives. It says the representatives are elected to a two-year term SERVING THE PEOPLE OF A SPECIFIC CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT.

Not acting like a Senator or a president and oppressing the entire population the best that she can. Oh, and wasting everyone’s time going after Trump.