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Unlikable Kamala Harris Chases Away More Staff

The 2020 democrat presidential primaries were a pretty good indicator of how unlikable Kamala Harris is, with her never rising to more than about 6% support even among people in her own party. 

I doubt she even has that much support with her staff right now if you look at how many people have left her since she ran for president.

But likability and competence isn’t something that Harris needs in order to stay in a top position. It was her sex and race that made her the chosen one to be VP. Chosen by the puppet master, Obama himself. 

Harris was installed into the VP slot by Obama [1]because the democrat party couldn’t be seen as offering up two white guys to run for office against Donald Trump. Or even one old white guy and one young white woman. 

It was time for the democrats to finally put up or shut up with all of their minority rhetoric and they knew they could count on Kamala to tow the line along with Susan Rice and Ron Klain who are running the presidency behind the scenes.

Putting Harris in office, however, hasn’t increased her likability or her leadership skills and she continues to hemorrhage staff members, mostly women and mostly people in communications.

It’s kind of funny that the messengers keep leaving when it’s the message that is bad. Harris is the one who is the problem.

She is not capable of performing tasks OR leading others to do so and her current dismal approval number of 28% [2] proves that.

It’s not looking good for her to be the heir apparent democrat who is chosen to be the 2024 democrat presidential candidate.

However, in another recent poll [3], it shows that the democrats really don’t like any of the current potential presidential candidates. Looking at the menu for 2024, democrats only chose Harris with 13% of the vote and Michelle Obama with 10%. The rest of the clowns like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren got 5% or less. 

The winning choice for the democrat 2024 presidential contender was “I don’t know” and “none of the above” which got a whopping 49%.

It’s not surprising that Harris doesn’t have much support but her friends in the media are reporting that it’s because her skills aren’t being used well.

I’m curious – which skills are those exactly?

Sleeping with a politically connected politician to move up the ranks?

Running successful campaigns using the money and influence of her boyfriend’s supporters? 

What other skills does she have other than that?

As Harris’ staff jumps ship, her gal pal Press Secretary Jen Psaki has her back. She is telling the folks that the exodus is “natural” and people just probably want more sleep [4]. 

And if people won’t buy those excuses, she also said that Harris gets criticism because she’s a woman and a person of color.

Of course. 

Everyone is racist.

I almost forgot.

It couldn’t possibly be because of Harris’ fakeness, her attitude, her horrible interviews, her cackling, her ineffectiveness in office, her elitism or the lies she tells.