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The Fawning Democrat Media Isn’t Fawning Enough

The democrat party just isn’t thankful enough for all that the fake news media has done from them.

I guess it wasn’t enough for the media to get behind a fake Russia story about Trump and participate in a coup against Trump and lie throughout Trump’s presidency and cover up Biden’s financial ties to China through his son Hunter…

Although the list is endless concerning the collaborating and lies that went on between democrats and the media, the democrats are still ungrateful.

What are you doing for me now???

That is always where it’s at with leftists. They always want more.

Strike that. They EXPECT more. 

And if you don’t deliver, you’ll get called into the principal’s office.

Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has been complaining for months that the media isn’t helping to sell Biden’s Build Back Worse bill good enough. 

Now it looks like all of democrats stenographers in the media are being taken to the woodshed for that and other transgressions.

It’s unclear if this was a voluntary visit or not but nevertheless, it looks like the democrats are colluding with the media again.

CNN [1] has reported in their daily newsletter that The White House met with anchors, producers and reporters in an effort to get them to stop talking about Biden’s incompetency.

Darn it. It’s all the media’s fault that the country is circling the drain. Biden has nothing to do with it.

CNN says that The White House wants to reshape economic coverage (that’s in lieu of actually reshaping the economy so that it works). 

In order to do that, Senior White House and administration officials briefed major newsrooms over the past week so that they report the way The White House wants them to report.

Geez Louise, fake news media. What a bunch of slackers. Try to get your poop in a group or you won’t be going to the Big Guy’s Christmas party.