In 2019, Marxist Chesa Boudin took over the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office like a refined thug committing a home-invasion robbery. Who did he seize and terrorize? All the residents of that formerly beautiful city even the morons who voted for him. What did he steal? The criminal justice system, public safety, and people’s liberty to pursue their happiness.

Two of Boudin’s first actions were to fire seven (effective) prosecutors and scrap cash bail. At the time, the radical left lauded his as “the most progressive bail policy in the nation.” Brad Jones, at The Epoch Times, wrote a damning-by-facts account of Boudin’s destruction of public safety since entering office, which is worth a read.

Boudin’s version of criminal justice is so warped, he has even suggested hiring public defenders as prosecutors. That’s his mentality. Before becoming DA, he was a public defender. Also, he’s not reluctant to refer to himself as radical. “The people of San Francisco have sent a powerful and clear message: It’s time for radical change to how we envision justice,” Boudin said.

Boudin is not the only George Soros-funded DA in the U.S. The socialist billionaire political pest has also funded Larry Krasner in Philadelphia, Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore, Rachael Rollins in Boston, Kim Foxx in Chicago, and George Gascón in Los Angeles.

Boudin and Gascón are both facing recall efforts. And, out-of-touch GOP senators assisted Democrats in confirming Joe Biden’s pick for U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts, Racheal Rollins. Rollins had campaigned for her previous position as Suffolk County (Boston) DA on a list of crimes she would not prosecute.

More controversy recently arose when these “prosecutors” refused to acknowledge or accept any responsibility for the crime waves thrashing their cities. A former SF prosecutor said Boudin, like Krasner and Gascón, despite SF burglaries being up by 50 percent, and shootings up 100 percent (including homicides), blew off the spike in crime they helped create. It’s not my fault. 

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About Boudin, a former prosecutor, said, “That’s the thing that’s really frustrating is that they know it’s [crime] worse. They know it, and they’re lying.” Boudin also claims he uses “data-backed evidence” to make policy decisions, which many feel is also a lie. He uses pre-determined, ideology-backed conclusions to make policy decisions.

Jones reported, Superior Court Judge Bruce Chan, said, “For what it’s worth, let me say a few things, maybe with the forlorn hope that someone in the DA’s office might pay attention.”

Chan considers himself a progressive leftist in favor of reform, but he disapproves of how the office is being run. “We simply cannot have the current levels of inadvertence, disorganization, and expect there to be any public confidence in what we do here collectively.” He believes the office should “concern themselves with the unglamorous yet necessary work of public prosecution.”

These radical prosecutors cloak legal system terms in leftist-speak rhetoric, which they use to promote a convoluted message about criminal justice “reform.” That’s why to be “anti-racist,” you have to practice racism—against white people. And to promote “voter fairness,” you have to oppose election integrity laws.

Here’s more lunacy. One person, fearful of retaliation from the SF DA’s office, said, “They argue that people keep getting arrested because cops keep arresting them and that’s the problem.” The person added, “Some believe that if the police would just leave people alone, they wouldn’t commit crimes.” I just felt my IQ decrease just reading that.

On the other side, some people blame the police for a lack of enforcement, which these prosecutors love. People accuse cops of being “lazy.” But if prosecutors won’t charge crimes, what is the sense in taking a report? “Following his election in November 2019, Boudin announced he would deemphasize the prosecution of drug cases, so-called quality-of-life cases, and property offenses.”

Not a surprise, since the left often touts its disrespect for private property, dismissing it as “easily” replaceable. Leftist wacko extraordinaire, Nikole Hanna-Jones said, “Destroying property, which can be replaced, is not violence.”

This flippant attitude discounts something the late Seattle radio personality Peter Weissbach used to emphasize: every individual’s “life’s energy.” He said every person has a finite amount of God-given life’s energy.

Life’s energy is commensurate with the length of the life with which people are blessed. Whatever amount of time, days, months, or years, of your life’s energy, is consumed to acquire something you either keep, sell, or give as a gift, you never get that back. Once spent, it’s gone for good. That alone makes it extremely valuable.

And that’s what private property represents to a victim when criminals steal or destroy their hard-earned stuff. But these radical leftists, socialists/Marxists, don’t want you to have your own stuff, and that’s the point, right? So, they demean and devalue it.

Boudin says he wants to “address the root causes of crime.” Sound familiar? It’s a leftist staple argument because it’s so broad. Kamala Harris, the “Border Czar,” similarly said she wanted to address the “root cause” of illegal immigration. We see how that’s working out.

It’s not unusual. The left, like Boudin and his comrades, employs Orwellian catchphrases: racial justice, mass incarceration, and criminalization of poverty; diversity, equity, and inclusion; sustainable, systemic, and reform, etc., to advance their civil-society-devastating agenda.

With Christmas and New Year’s Day fast approaching remember, it’s the season for giving. So, in that spirit, as a gift to yourself and your city, think seriously about giving these radical, anti-traditional America, anti-law-and-order, and anti-police non-prosecuting prosecutors the good old-fashioned heave-ho.

This piece was written by Steve Pomper on December 20, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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