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Exciting News: Hillary Clinton Offering Classes in How to Be a Loser

Yes, Hillary Clinton wants to help us all and inspire us to have a passion and a purpose in our lives. 

Yes, she really cares about you. Did you not figure that out when her and her hubby founded the Clinton Foundation? 

They surely did a lot of good work, right? 

Oh, wait a minute. That was a pay-to-play scheme to enrich old Hillary and Bill.

How do we know? Well, we know from looking at who was donating to them and we know because their donations have plummeted 75% [1] from the time that Hillary was running for president.

But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence.

Since the Clintons aren’t swimming in bribes anymore, they have to sell what they have left – their unpowerful selves.

And The Pantsuit has got a plan.

She’s going to be teaching a streaming internet class on the website MasterClass called “The power of resilience” otherwise known as “I’m a Loser But Still Need to Make a Living Off You Idiots.”

Hills tweeted about her exciting class recently, telling us all that she’s “teaching skills she developed throughout her career – the challenges, the triumphs and all the rest.”

As you would expect, Twitter was in stitches [2], trying to figure out if she would be teaching people how to wipe a server clean, how to run a sucky presidential campaign, participate in a coup, bribe global politicians for access, live with a cheating perverted husband or any of the other things she has perfected over the years.

Sign up soon. You don’t want to miss your opportunity! You’ll even get to hear the victory speech she would have given had she won the presidency in 2016.