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When Republicans Win, Is It A Fair Election?

Most Republicans, I count myself amongst that number, were very pleased with the November 2021 election results. We didn’t ask for a recount in Virginia. And that’s strange, because I’ve heard from certain Republicans, the populist types, that there would never be a free election again because after 2020 the Democrats would always cheat to win. Really? Then how did we win in Virginia, Long Island, Minneapolis, and Seattle?

What these individuals don’t get is that given the opportunity many politicians of many stripes will cheat. Do Democrats cheat more? Yes. Why? Because the acquisition and retention of total power is in their modern national DNA. That’s why it’s a lock Hillary Clinton knew every detail of the Russian hoax of 2016. She and her acolytes think it is their right to cheat in order to accomplish the larger goal of saving America from those nasty capitalist Republicans and leading us into the shining utopia of authoritarian socialism. Also, their urban strongholds, with a lot of union goon voters, almost encourage cheating given the ease there of perpetuating shenanigans.

So, did Joe Biden cheat in 2020? For sure. Did he pull a Jack Kennedy in 1960 and cheat enough to swing the election his way? Very unlikely. To quote, a year hence his statement, renowned presidential scholar Dr. Tim Blessing of Alvernia University, “Yesterday I purchased a data set of the preliminary county returns. NV is out of reach—period. AZ might be doable, but the recount limits in AZ make it fantastically hard to get a recount. GA might happen. WI—the gap is sizable even if there is a recount. MI—I just do not see as reachable. PA—I honestly believe Trump very narrowly won there. But the sheer volume of court challenges Trump would need to win in PA makes it hard to see a way to get there. Thus, he lost the presidency. Period. Politics is a tough game.” I concur, as even a PA flip would not have given Trump sufficient numbers to nationally triumph.

After that loss we all heard volumes from disgruntled populists about how there would never be a fair election again. They got so loony they threw in with the likes of flim flam shysters like Sidney Powell, she of the “guarantee” that Joe Biden would never be inaugurated. But again, November 2021 results were fine to populists. What gives? You can’t have it both ways.

And you’d figure the Democrats would cheat in what would be perceived to be close races. Virginia was a horse race until the end. Then, why didn’t Democrats steal that race? Could it be that even in a blue state like Virginia Democrats are not the all powerful and omniscient befouler of representative government that some would have them be? Yup. They are, like many other politicians, inherently corrupt. Ergo, would they like to steal most races? Sure. Can they and thus do they every time? No.