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Maybe if Ports Were Racist, We’d Get a Little Supply Chain Relief

Now that Secretary of Transportation’s Pete Buttigieg is done with his maternity leave, he’s finally gone back to work but is doing little to nothing to solve our supply chain crisis.

That’s because he’s too busy being woke and giving lip service to intersectionality and equity. That takes up too much of his time.

He’s not an actual do-er. He’s a talker.

Democrats don’t know how to get anything done. All they do is give us a word salad every day about how much they care while doing nothing to fix anything.

So Pete hasn’t been doing anything about the ports being a complete failure even though he’s supposed to oversee them. Meanwhile, products are not getting into the homes of Americans who need them.

He doesn’t care that you’re not getting your cold medicine, pet food, diapers or driveway salt for the upcoming winter season. In fact, it’s YOUR fault for wanting to buy too much stuff.

The democrats don’t even seem care that the ships waiting at our ports are polluting the air.


Maybe if ports were deemed to be racist, the democrats would jump on the problem and make sure that things were changed immediately!

Pete was on TV the other day doing a press briefing and he was telling us how our roads are racist and how hard the democrats are working to fix that problem.

Because of this pressing emergency, the democrats included a billion dollars in grant money in their fake infrastructure bill for road equity.

Not sure what they’re going to do exactly. Tear down roads and bridges?

Yep. If they have to.

The New York Post [1]reported that Buttigieg was asked by White House correspondent April Ryan how he was going to “deconstruct the racism that was built into the roadways.” 

Ryan, you might not remember, was a big cheerleader for Buttigieg back in the day when he was laughably running to be president. (Although to be fair, he did better than Kamala.)

Ryan, a CNN political analyst, had to drop out of an event [2] where she was going to interview Pete because it was pointed out to be a fundraiser. Yes, she got caught and had to bow out. 

The month before that, Pete invited her to attend a Congressional Black Caucus dinner as his guest. So they seem to be good buds.

During the recent press briefing, Pete reminded Ryan the cheerleader and everyone else in the room how many highways were constructed by racist purposes to divide white and black neighborhoods.

But he even gets that wrong because he’s just parroting some of the urban legend rumors [3] about the master builder of NYC, Robert Moses.

In his press conference, Pete told Ryan, “I don’t think we have anything to lose by confronting that simple reality. And I think we have everything to gain by acknowledging it and then dealing with it, which is why the Reconnecting Communities – that billion dollars – is something we want to get to work right away putting to work.”

Right away.

It seems to be a priority.

Unlike the ports.