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Deranged Leftist City Council in Los Angeles No Longer Allowing Restaurants to Hand Out Napkins and Plastic Utensils

I have been asked if I ever run out of story ideas.

Uh, no.

Not with democrats, liberals and leftists around. 

They are totally nuts. 

I actually have about 20+ stories in the hopper to choose from every day and have to narrow down my focus.

The latest insanity [1] from the left comes in the form of the city of Los Angeles banning restaurants from freely handing out napkins and plastic silverware to their customers. 

Pretty soon, they won’t be wrapping your food either – or putting them in bags. 

And what about straws??? I thought straws were a problem too.

The new city ordinance, which started Monday, but won’t be enforced until January, is in effect for restaurants with more than 26 employees.

Why the heck not 25??? 

In addition to not being allowed to hand out the plastic cutlery and napkins, restaurant owners also have to remove single-use disposable food-ware dispensers from their establishments.

And what kind of enforcement will there be? 

Will the silverware police be pounding on doors? Will the napkin nazis be writing tickets?

Yes, you can politely ask for plastic silverware and napkins – and you will receive them – but why do we have to ask for something that’s been expected in our fast food bags since the dawn of time?

Until of course, the leftists came along.

The leftists say they want to cut down on waste – however, in order to spread the word about the ordinance, they sent out 32,000 mailers. 

Like I said, leftists are nuts.