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Czars are Back

Remember the Obama Czars from Barack’s presidency?

It seemed like he had a Czar for everything [1] – AIDS, Afghanistan, Health, Energy and more. Politico listed 29 of them in September of 2009.

Czars are fun for democrats because they work outside of agencies or department heads and most are not confirmed by the Senate. 

It’s more rule by bureaucracy. 

Rule by the unelected with no accountability.

Following in his Obama’s footsteps, Biden is appointing Czars too, one of the latest being an Infrastructure Czar [2].

The Infrastructure Czar is former New Orleans Mayor and Louisiana’s former lieutenant governor, Mitch Landrieu [3].

He will be “overseeing” billions in funding from the bipartisan fake infrastructure bill and deciding who gets the grant money.

In other words, he gets to decide which democrat groups get their Biden bucks.

All of the leftists who had a hand in helping to get Biden elected will have their hands out for their payback and Landrieu will have to decide who gets what.

I see a lot of parties and wining and dining in Landrieu’s future.