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Biden Administration’s Response to Whether We’re Going to Increase Oil Production to Help Americans: HA HA HA HA HA

We were energy independent under Trump. 

Then Biden stopped the Keystone XL Pipeline and closed down other avenues of fossil fuel production. He also rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement [1]which has and will kill off more energy jobs.

The latest fake infrastructure bill, helped along by a bunch of RINOs [2] to get passed, is more of the same – a huge windfall of regulations and financial payoffs to climate change leftist friends with little to no effect on the climate. 

The entire AOC “Green New Deal [3]” was found to be worthless so this bill ain’t gonna do much for the climate. It will just buy votes from the radical democrat base.

So now, about nine months into the Obama Biden Harris administration, due to democrat climate change policies and their war on capitalism, we find ourselves with higher gas prices, soon-to-be higher heating prices, a supply chain crisis, a lack of workers and higher everything prices because the world runs on fossil fuel no matter what the leftists think about it.

As republican Missouri Senator Roger Wicker [4] spoke about the higher gas prices back in August of this year and it still rings true today. He said, “This additional cost is impacting hardworking American families who are recovering from the pandemic and depend on their cars and trucks to access work and daily necessities.”

But democrats don’t care.

The leftists want businesses shut down and they want us to all ride horses to work, while at the same time these millionaires, billionaires and politicians fly in their jets [5] to climate change conferences to complain about the rest of us and how they need to control what we do. 

These frauds have perfected the art of lying and coming up with fake issues to steal our money and our rights and pay themselves off nicely in the process. Their climate change gimmick is one of their biggest successes so far.

So do the democrats care that Americans are suffering from their insanity? No. What about the supply chain crisis? Too bad. Higher gas prices? Too bad. Can’t afford hamburger anymore? Too bad. Go vegan. 

We’ve always known that the democrats don’t actually care about Americans – especially the hardworking middle class Americans who make the country work. 

But now we have proof.

What was democrat Jennifer Granholm, the Energy Secretary’s response [6] to Bloomberg’s Tom Keene when he asked her what her plan is to increase oil production to help the country?


“That is hilarious,” she laughed at the question and then said, “Would that I had the magic wand on this…”

The democrats certainly had a magic wand to destroy things. So, yes, Granholm can use her wand to take us back to January 19, 2021.

Granholm is just as callous as the rest of the people in Biden’s administration who couldn’t give a crap about what is happening to the “little people” in the country who are just trying to get by.

As long as they are able to have their SUVs and security details and freezers full of ice cream, they are fine with destroying the country for the rest of us.