Gee, wasn’t it convenient that the democrat operative “whistleblower” revealed her identity right before the Senate’s committee hearing on protecting kids online?

No, it wasn’t convenient. 

It was planned. 

Democrats are all about optics and marketing and this was just one more example of how they operate.

Democrat Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal and republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn put out a press release on September 28th about the hearing the fact that they’d be getting information from a whistleblower. 

And conveniently, the “whistleblower” comes forward right before the hearing with the Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee so that it was a big to-do on TV and in the media.

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The democrats ALWAYS have a plan so that everything runs like a fine-tuned machine. 

They are usually years ahead on their plans which is why our bumbling and incompetent RINOS and republican establishment folks usually have no chance of pushing back on anything without Trump around.

When Obama was president, I could see that the democrats had some kind of flowchart they used to move their policies forward. 

If this happens, we do this, if this happens, we do that. 

They had a plan for everything – it was clear to see. Nothing was a coincidence. Everything was timed to happen when it needed to happen.

And nothing has changed because Obama and his minions are still running The White House.

The so-called “whistleblower” revealed about a month ago to the Wall Street Journal that Facebook and Facebook-owned Instagram are manipulating the public, including young girls (nothing new to anyone with a brain). 

This previous Facebook employee who resigned from her job of product manager in April also said that internal documents show that Facebook amplifies hate, misinformation and political unrest all for the sake of profit. 

Also – nothing new to anyone with a brain.

The “whistleblower” turns out to be Frances Haugen and she is clearly a democrat operative working with the Obama Biden Harris administration and the democrat party.

Her sudden appearance actually reminded me of the whole ridiculous Christine Blasey Ford vs. Kavanaugh show trial. It smelled bad from the beginning. And it was SO completely staged that it was laughable at times.

Haugen revealed her identity on October 4th on TV’s 60 Minutes just in time to show up a few days later in the televised hearing.

Even though most conservatives agree with Haugen’s call to reform Section 230 which protects social media companies like Facebook from liability for user content, you have to take into consideration WHO is delivering the message and why – and not fall for the scam that was pulled on us this week.

Why do I call it a scam and why do I call Haugen a democrat operative?

Because it’s quite obvious that she’s working with the democrat party to get more censorship – make sure that Facebook censors conservatives and others they disagree with EVEN MORE than they do now.

It was pretty easy to figure out once it became known how well she’s connected to the democrat party. 

As the Free Beacon points out, Haugen is being advised and represented by numerous democrat operatives including Bill Burton, former Obama administration deputy press secretary who heads up Bryson Gillette.

Burton sits on the board of The Center for Humane Technology which is funded by George Soros’ Open Society Foundation. 

That alone shows us who Haughen is. 

But alas, there is more.

In addition to that, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki used to work as a senior adviser for Burton’s firm Bryson Gillette.

Burton’s love for Jen was palpable in January of 2021 when he tweeted “I’m so proud that Jen Psaki is now speaking on behalf of the United States. She is brilliant, strategic and kind – and we are so lucky to have her.”

In addition to that, Haughen is being represented by the same attorneys who represented Eric Ciaramella, the Trump whistleblower.

In addition to that, Haughen was a part of Facebook’s Civic Integrity Team. That would be the team that banned the Hunter Biden laptop story that was written by the New York Post.

In addition to that, Haughen made more than twenty campaign contributions to democrats since 2016 including the lovely brainiac AOC and the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

Side note, just like Blasey Ford, Haughen has a Go Fund Me account to make money off her notoriety. This was most likely set up to pay off a tax lien of $44K for unpaid taxes – as well as any other money she can pilfer from moronic leftists.

So the democrats have a plan, people. 

They are circling their horses for a reason, using the guise or protecting children to push through more social media censorship.

So don’t jump on board with what’s going on so fast until you have all of the facts and we talk about the implications of this new leftist attack on Facebook.

The overbearing censorship of conservatism is the goal and always will be the goal and the leftists will use Facebook, willingly or unwillingly, to accomplish their goal.