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“America Last” Former Presidents Team Up with Biden to Help Foreigners

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a current president and a group of former presidents who actually cared about America and American citizens? 

Presidents who put their personal globalist ideals to the side and actually cared about protecting the safety, freedoms and sovereignty of our country?

But alas, few presidents, especially recent ones, have had “America First” as part of their agenda, let alone having it be at the front and center of all of their decisions.

And when we actually had an “America First” president with Donald Trump, the leftists and RINOS, including top saboteurs Barry and Hillary, went all out to rid the nation of him.

They gathered all of their media friends, academia, celebrities, social media giants, businesses, politicians, and more to join their TDS army.

They used every legal and illegal tool in their toolkit to make sure to squash Trump and all he stood for – making sure to squash all of US in the process as well, labeling us all as white supremacists, insurrectionists and domestic terrorists.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a current president and a group of former presidents who thought that the United States was a priority and started an organization to take care of current and former veterans and law enforcement officers? You know, the people who protect our lives and our country.

Nope, that’s not on the radar of Biden. It’s also not on the radar for the lovefest team of ObamaClintonBush. 

These TDS pals, these birds of a feather in all types of weather, have forged a friendship over the years in their hatred of Trump and their like-minded push for amnesty for illegal aliens. And now they’re banding together with George Soros to help out the Afghans get settled in the United States.

Foreigners. That’s their priority.

Breitbart [1] reports that the three former presidents, Barack Obama, George W. Bush and pervert Bill Clinton are using an NGO they launched called Welcome.US [2] to “resettle tens of thousands of Afghans across the United States.”

Their wives are pitching in as honorary co-chairs as well. 

Their website says “resettling our new Afghan neighbors requires a whole-country response. That’s why three former Presidents and three former First Ladies have joined us as leaders of this effort – above all, to lift up everyone else involved and remind us that this is our opportunity, in a time of all too much division, for common purpose.”

The website shows a massive amount of other NGOs that are working with them. That’s how they operate. They all fund each other and they all help each other with their globalist priorities. And they get funding from the federal government (us) in the form of grants and other handouts like what is currently stashed away in their $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill.

ObamaClintonBush are also working tirelessly with companies like Walmart, Microsoft, Uber, Facebook, Starbucks and others to make sure these new Afghan arrivals have plenty of financial assistance in their new lives.

In addition to all of the outside businesses and NGO help, they are also getting funding from Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, a group that is linked to George Soros.

So instead of helping out Americans, ObamaClintonBush has decided to help out thousands of Afghans who rushed the planes when Biden pulled out of Afghanistan.

These are people who weren’t vetted at the airport but the Biden administration didn’t care because they would still be able to give the press a large number of people they had “rescued.” It didn’t really matter WHO was in those planes.

According to our incompetent Department of Homeland Insecurity Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, only 7% of those evacuated from Afghanistan were Americans and only 3% had special immigration visas.

So that leaves a whole lotta people who we don’t know anything about that ObamaClintonBush want to help out and give lots of money too.

Welcome.US is working closely with former Delaware Governor democrat Jack Markell who is Biden’s point man for the Afghan resettlement operation. $6.4 million of taxpayer money (we know it’ll be more) will pay for the Afghans to get welfare, cash assistance and driver’s licenses.

The Afghans, about 53,00 of them, are mostly at our military bases with 14,000 more on the way. Yes, our military bases under the democrats have been turned into refugee camps.

It’s too bad that these three “America Last” presidents and their leftist friends don’t put the same effort into caring about Americans – like the veterans, the first responders, crime victims or the victims of the open borders fentanyl crisis.