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Vagina Hats Making a Comeback Soon

Yes, unfortunately, the vagina hats will be making a comeback on October 2nd when there is a nationwide Women’s March [1] planned across the country to protest the Texas abortion law.

The MY BODY, MY CHOICE frauds who are fine forcing people to take vaccines mobilized lickety-split when they heard the news that Texas mothers can’t kill their babies if they have a heartbeat. 

The democrats are using the same resources they did to win Biden the election, mobilizing their PACs, non-profits and large database of BLM rioters and other leftists, no doubt funded in large part by George Soros. 

The Women’s March folks are partnering with more than 90 organizations including Planned Parenthood, Working Families Party and all the usual characters.

Their event page says, “There’s never been a more crucial time to show up for abortion access. Let’s rise to the urgency of this moment and make it clear that we won’t let the GOP try to control our bodies. We’re marching on 10/2 in every single state.”

Control their bodies? Really? The democrats seem to be fine with forced vaccinations and letting the government send women’s bodies into war, forcing them to register for the draft.

This is also another excuse for these yahoos to push to end the filibuster because their main goal is unlimited power. 

Democrats don’t want any part of the government to stop them from doing anything. They want to BE the government. They must control every branch – the executive, legislative, judicial and the ever oppressive tyrannical bureaucracy that is running the country right now.

They are about PR and bullying to get their way and pretending that they are in the majority when they never are.