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Trump Made Us Do it! Antony Blinken Says They Were Stuck With a Plan Trump Didn’t Even Leave for Them

If democrats weren’t so dangerous to our country, they’d truly be hilarious to listen to as they peddle their lies.

At the House Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Monday on the disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal, Biden’s Secretary of State Antony Blinken made it known that any failings on their part were completely Trump’s fault. 

He followed up with an encore of the same theme when he testified in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee panel on Tuesday.

And the democrats who “questioned” him couldn’t stop talking about Trump either throughout the two days and complaining about what they “inherited.”

Blinken said that they were stuck with something negotiated by Trump and in the same breath said there WAS no plan left for the poor democrats to follow.

You can’t have it both ways. 

Unless you’re a democrat, of course.

So Blinken explained how it wasn’t Biden’s fault that his inept administration completely made a FUBAR of the whole Afghanistan withdrawal.

Blinken said, “We inherited a deadline. We did not inherit a plan.”

That’s laughable. 

If Trump would have left a plan – a roadmap, drawings, maps, and a step-by-step process for the Afghanistan withdrawal on Biden’s desk, we all know it would have ended up in the trash receptacle. 

Biden and the democrats have stopped, destroyed, reversed and trashed EVERYTHING Trump had set up that was working successfully – from the economy to the border. 

They could care less what Trump did and how he did it. 

Especially if what Trump did was working and making democrats look bad. 

Everything he touched did must be destroyed. Votes depend on it.

But all of a sudden, the Biden administration is telling us that they were totally STUCK with the Afghanistan deal that Trump negotiated. All of a sudden, they had no other choice.

Yeah, right.

But Trump DID leave a plan. He negotiated certain conditions that the Taliban had to meet. It was CONDITIONS based. Biden and company ignored it just like they ignored the May deadline that Trump set.

Biden and his incompetents pushed forward with the withdrawal even after he reportedly got push back from his own military leaders and even as the Taliban took over the country.

Biden moved Trump’s withdrawal deadline ahead from May to September because the democrats planned a big to-do for September 11th PR event. 

That put the withdrawal in the middle of fighting season. 

Great idea.

The dog and pony show that the democrats and Blinken put on in front of the two committee hearings was disgusting. 

They pretended that they did a great job – and when they didn’t do a good job on certain things, it was because of Trump. 

They did their best to concentrate on the entire 20 years of the war instead of just focusing on the FUBAR withdrawal that took place under Biden.

Blinken lied throughout his testimony and the democrats tried to help him cover up his incompetence. Same story, different day with these nitwits.

Democrats are great. Democrats are well-meaning. Orange man bad.

Rinse and repeat.