Why hasn’t the RNC, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called an emergency meeting to create some opposition to the democrats current trajectory to destroy our country?

Where the hell are they?

They should be together on every TV set, on every radio show, in every social media space as a united front against what’s going on in our country. 

They should have coordinated ads and press releases to let the low information ignorant voters know what the democrats are doing to the United States. They should constantly be on the floors of the house and senate fighting to save the country.

A UNITED FRONT with a united message.

Every day.

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Where are our leaders?

The destruction of our rights, wealth, health, freedoms and safety are on full display and happening in every state, county and township in the country.

And what are our so-called republican leaders doing about it as a united republican party?


The republicans tweet their separate tweets here and there where they whine about something but mostly they use their time to send me solicitation emails and letters for donations all day long. That’s all I see.

Hell no.

They’re not doing their job.

They are not united in saving the country. They do NOT represent us. We want vocal and consistent and united resistance to the fascist democrats.

Except for a handful of outspoken republicans like Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, they could care less about strongly opposing the crisis on the border, the vaccine mandates, the Afghanistan FUBAR and trapped Americans, inflation, or anything else going on.

This is why Trump was elected. 

Years and years we suffered…DECADES of putting up with RINOS who didn’t defend our country and the constitution. Decades of not pushing back on the media and the democrats.

Enough is enough. 

The republican marketing plan seems to be to do nothing because they assume they are the only option if you don’t want to vote democrat. 

We’re stuck with them. 

That’s what they think.

Bill O’Reilly appeared on the Glen Beck show on Friday and was asking the same question as me. 

As the country deteriorates, he asked, “Where is Mitch McConnell? Where is the House republican leadership? Where are they?…”

O’Reilly said that we have to have an “organized dissent – and it has to be led by the house minority leader and the senate minority leader. And those two men have to come together and use the power that the minority party has to be Paul Revere.”

Because the democrats ARE coming.

And it’s not pretty.