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Emergency! Everyone Must Get Covid Vaccines! Except…

President Disaster is pushing ahead with his COVID-19 vaccine mandates for what are basically trial vaccines with no long-term studies. He’s doing it through executive orders for federal employees and through the bureaucracy of OSHA.  

The vaccines have turned out to be more ineffective than advertised, as proven by fact that they are failing in Israel and our government wants everyone to take non-authorized boosters [1] for the foreseeable future. 

But facts aren’t going to stop the American tyrannical democrat government from mandating the vaccines anyway. And no, they’re not taking natural immunity [2] into consideration at all even though it’s highly more effective in fighting the virus than a vaccine is.

Biden is in the middle of crafting his unconstitutional vaccine mandates through OSHA and because of that, Americans all over the country including hero nurses, police and firefighters are quitting and being fired because they refuse to take the vaccine.

Brownfield Regional Medical Center [3], a rural hospital in Texas, might even close because of President Disaster. If the vaccine mandate is enforced that workers at hospitals have to get the vaccine, they are going to lose up to 25% of their staff and that would probably shut down the hospital says CEO Jerry Jasper.

The leftists are telling everyone that if you don’t take the vaccine, you are killing people. So mandates are completely absolutely positively undoubtedly emphatically categorically 100% necessary.

Except for themselves [4]of course.

Congress doesn’t have to live under some of the laws that they make for the rest of us like Obamacare or Biden’s federal vaccine mandate.

They are special.

Biden’s executive order that federal workers and contractors have to get a COVID-19 vaccination doesn’t actually apply to members of Congress, the federal court system or their staffers. The rule applies to the executive branch, not the legislative or judicial branches of our government.

And their future voters, the illegal aliens [5], are also exempt from vaccine mandates. They’re certainly not exempt from invading the country with the virus and spreading it all over the country though. They’re totally free to do that.

So the pandemic and the mandate don’t actually seem to be emergencies that the left advertises or everyone would have to get the vaccines. No exceptions. They’d find a “work around” for every category of human being in the country including illegal aliens and they’d be sending out door to door vaccine injection police.

So in the meantime, the democrats will continue to rule as they have [6] since the start of the pandemic – “rules for thee but not for me.”