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Democrat Spendingpalooza Includes Something Our Country Has Desperately Needed: Tree Equity

I don’t know about you but I have been worried about our disadvantaged trees for a long time. 

Because trees aren’t really mobile, they can’t be moved around once they are planted. They have to stay where they are, no matter what kind of crappy and racist neighborhood they are put in.

And for decades and decades, systemic racists in our country have tried to make sure that trees were only planted in white neighborhoods so that minority neighborhoods had less oxygen for breathing.

But no more. 

The wonderful, caring, benevolent and fair-minded democrats have finally funded tree equity [1] in their $3.5 trillion fake infrastructure bill.

And they’re spending a whopping $3 billion that they’re giving to the House Agriculture Committee for local, state and tribal governments for “tree planting and related activities to increase community tree canopy and associated societal and climate co-benefits, with a priority for projects that increase tree equity.”

The non-profit organization, American Forests, defines tree equity as the idea that we should have “enough trees in specific neighborhoods or municipalities for everyone to experience the health, economic and climate benefits that trees provide.”

According to this group, tree equity is another “basic right” that the leftists must secure for everyone.

Now that we have tree equity taken care of, I think we need to start looking into worm equity. 

Because they are trapped in certain neighborhoods too and deserve to be free.