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As Expected, Biden and Friends are Going After Your Guns

The Biden team didn’t mind leaving the Taliban all kinds of guns and ammunition on their way out of Afghanistan but are strongly against Americans having any means of protecting themselves.

Over the years the democrats have been chipping away at the gun rights of American citizens from the Brady Bill to Obama’s Fast & Furious scheme and now they’ve come up with some new and creative ways to steal American’s guns from their hands.

As a result of President Disaster’s Executive Order in April, Biden’s ATF is working on redefining firearms as a result of a Department of Justice proposal. 

According to the proposed rules in the Federal Register, the Attorney General is responsible for enforcing the Gun Control Act of 1968 and they’re running with that authority, coming up with new regulatory definitions of what firearms are.

Gee…what could go wrong with a leftist administration redefining what a gun is?

Among other things, they are hoping to get gun parts serialized and regulated with background checks to fight against privately made firearms and also want to come up with a backdoor gun registry [1].

Add to that Biden’s ban on Russian ammunition [2]. Americans will have even more of an ammunition shortage and higher prices for ammunition they can find. It would also have an effect on small businesses that import a lot of Russian ammunition.

But that’s not all folks. The Biden mobsters are relentless when they want to get something done and will use any means necessary to obtain their goals.

Guess what, you anti-vaxxers? If you decide not to get a vaccine, the democrats want to put you on a no-fly list. And guess what happens when you are put on a no-fly list? You can’t own a gun [3], that’s what.

HR 4980, introduced in Congress on August 6th, does just that – it puts unvaccinated people on the no-fly list. It’s sponsored by New York REP democrat Ritchie Torres and is being promoted by Obama folks including “don’t let a crisis go to waste” Rahm Emanuel who pushed it on an ABC show.

And as I explained in a previous article [4], the government knows EXACTLY who has been vaccinated. They have a database.

The Ammoland website points out that Biden is totally on board with this “no fly, no buy” strategy. 

Since Homeland Security claimed that the people who oppose vaccines are a “potential threat” to society, this whole plan seems like an easy done deal coming up soon.

As with most things lately, who is going to stop these tyrants?