VP Kamala Harris was chosen by Obama to be the VP even though she went down in flames during the democrat presidential primary with only about 6% support. 

She was unlikable then and is unlikable now.

According to the NY Times, only 42% currently have a favorable opinion of Harris. Although, to be fair, those are better numbers than Biden is getting right now. The Des Moines Register/Mediacom Iowa poll has Biden’s approval rating at a mere 31%.

Harris started off her career by sleeping with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and took her trip to The White House from there. She used his resources to move ahead in politics including using funding from his supporters but they don’t talk about that at all on her White House website bio. It just says she has a “lifetime” of public service.

Chosen because of her gender and race to be Biden’s VP candidate, she has been largely AWOL most of the time she’s been VP except when she’s told to take a trip somewhere or to be a prop behind Biden while he reads off the teleprompter.

Like a beauty pageant winner, she smiles and waves and shows up at the Cherry Blossom parade or the ribbon cutting ceremony for new toilets at a county building. But she doesn’t do anything of any significance like VP Mike Pence did on the coronavirus task force.

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When Harris WAS given a job, i.e. as the Border Czar, she failed spectacularly. The only time she cares about the border is when a border agent on a horse tries to do his job using horse reins to protect himself and the horse while illegal aliens invade our country by the millions.

Even MSNBC is wondering what’s going on with Harris at the border and recently said, “she was supposed to be in charge.” 

Newsflash leftists – try to catch up. She’s “in charge” of getting as many illegals into the country to vote for democrats as possible. So in her mind, she’s quite successful.

Harris’ daily schedule is pretty lightweight, almost as slim as President Disaster who doesn’t get up too early in the morning, has his pudding and lunch and then doesn’t do much of anything at all after that except for his PR appearances. 

And we don’t see the VP very much even though Biden and his pals anointed his tenure at the White House as the “Biden Harris administration.”

Personally, I’m quite happy not to see her around very often as she is pretty annoying with her BS and cackling during inappropriate moments.

I addition to that, I became aware of, and disgusted by her, back when she went after Kavanaugh during the Supreme Court confirmation hearings. 

I became even more disgusted with her as she tweeted out her race-baiting tweets the whole time before she was picked to be the VP candidate. 

And then even more disgusted by her when she asked people to bail out the Minneapolis rioters.

The Hill says her no-show on the public stage is by design because “her handlers seem afraid to put her out there.” 

However, they must think that Harris and Biden both need a little fake news PR right now because she’s scheduled for her first studio talk show appearance on The View on Friday. 

The democrats are losing control of their narrative with all of their recent failures and have to get the PR and the lies circulating back to the way they want.

Then they can put the VP pageant winner back up on the float waving to her adoring crowd.