- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

The Democrats are Getting Rid of the Military in Any Way Possible

If anything is an anti-retention and anti-recruiting strategy for the military, it’s having one controlled by the democrat party. 

Biden and his democrat cohorts are doing everything they can to purge the military the best that they can. 

Democrats have never supported the military or veterans. Our military is a symbol of everything Democrats hate – guns, superiority over other countries, protecting the Constitution, securing freedoms and being patriotic. All of that icky stuck that makes their skin crawl.

You can see the true colors of the democrats and how they feel about the military every once in a while – like when Obama changed the rules of engagement in the middle east which cost the lives of countless soldiers. 

Or when a suicidal veteran was put on hold [1] when he called Obama’s incompetent people at the Department of Veterans Affairs suicide hotline.

In less than eight months while Biden has been president, his administration has been on steroids to purge patriotic Americans out of the military. He’s doing what he can so that any God-loving, patriotic, Constitution-loving, country-loving soldier doesn’t want to be anywhere near a military that operates under Joe Biden. And the democrats want to keep away any new recruits who feel the same.

Biden has a target on all kinds of military men and women who he’s trying to purge. including Trump supporters, people who don’t agree with critical race theory teachings and don’t want to hear leaders scream about white rage, religious people and freedom loving soldiers who don’t want to be forced to get an experimental COVID-19 vaccine.

There are 800,000 soldiers who face court martial [2] if they don’t get the vaccine. The vaccine is still in an experimental stage no matter what the FDA has to say about it. It’s been in bodies for less than a year. 

The FDA conveniently approved the Pfizer vaccine just weeks after it was reported to be failing and in need of a PR boost. Regardless of facts, the failure of the vaccines will not stop the government from mandating their use and forcing vaccinations on the public through any means possible. And that includes mandating it for soldiers.

While all of the democrat insanity is going on in the military, add on top of that the Afghanistan FUBAR and soldiers seeing that they are under a Commander in Chief who will not only abandon allies who we’ve worked with side by side and made promises to, the democrats will also abandon Americans in a terrorist run country. 

And because of his ineptness, the Commander in Chief has gotten American soldiers killed.

Who in their right mind would want to join the military under those circumstances? 

Woke-ness doesn’t work in the military. Soldiers have other priorities and duties and those duties are not to be the foot soldiers or experiments of the democrat party. The military is not a place for the democrats to practice their woke agenda.

We will lose many in our armed forces because of who is president and what he is doing.

But in the long run, that is what the democrats hope for. Less soldiers, less military, less spending on the military.

Less of America being a beacon of light in the world and fighting for freedom. 

Less safety for the American people with less soldiers as well as less police around the country due to the leftists and their war against the police.

And the democrats certainly don’t want a big and strong military who might turn against them someday when they decide that their leaders are actually enemies of the American people.

The Biden Obama administration has the military right where they want it – looking incompetent – and not allowed to do what they need to do to protect our country and our allies because that might interfere with the democrat election strategy.