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Please Oppress Me and My Kids Forever, Say Florida Liberals

The panicking liberals in Florida are freaking out. They want everyone masked forever, even their kids, and they want everyone forced to take an experimental vaccine – or be ostracized and forbidden to participate in American society. 

Who is the evil person who is making their lives miserable? That would be evil Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis. He believes in the Constitution and FREEDOM [1] and both things are horrible things to the left.

DeSantis doesn’t want vaccine passports. But libs do. And a leftist federal judge who was appointed by Obama temporarily blocked the DeSantis ban on them, siding with the Norwegian Cruise Lines.

DeSantis also doesn’t want your children, who are at a minuscule risk of getting COVID-19, to have to wear masks in school. But libs do. 

The teachers unions are in an uproar about this one. Not because they give a rat’s rear end about COVID-19, but because they want to continue the pandemic scare and make sure that democrats can mail in illegal and duplicate ballots forever. 

The teachers unions also want vaccine mandates for teachers.

Please oppress us, oh dear government, they cry.

It’s not about “my body, my choice” anymore. 

There is also a group of parents of disabled kids in Florida who are suing to block the state’s ban on mask mandates in schools. 

Their motion for preliminary injunction says that it’s “common sense” and a “reasonable accommodation for a vulnerable child who is immunocompromised or at risk of a serious disease to require a public entity to implement simple precautions to ensure that the most vulnerable children are safe.”



The liberals don’t like the fact that DeSantis issued an executive order called “Ensuring Parents’ Freedom to Choose – Masks in School” saying that mask mandates are a limitation on a parent’s fundamental right to make health and educational decisions for their children.”

Liberals want to be oppressed. 

No, check that. 

They want EVERYONE to be oppressed. 

I haven’t seen any executive orders from DeSantis forbidding any individuals from wearing masks.

Nothing is stopping anyone from sending their kids to school in masks. Nothing is stopping anyone anywhere from wearing masks anywhere they want to for as long as they want to. No one is stopping anyone from getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

If masks actually work like they say they do, what’s the problem with others not wearing them if the immunocompromised have masks on??

If vaccines actually work, why are masks even necessary?

These are serious questions that I’d really like to have answers to.

But we KNOW the answer, don’t we? 

Mask and vaccine mandates are all political at this point.

There is no science or facts involved.