Since the moment former President Donald Trump beat the Democratic powerhouse Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, the left has searched for any reason to get him impeached or even arrested. The only problem, every claim or investigation made against Trump has ended up being a complete shame concocted by the Democrats to try and get him out of the White House. With no other options or ways to attack Trump, it appears the left is now reverting to blaming him for events that haven’t even happened yet. Introducing the newest demand from the liberals, arrest Trump for “insurrection 2.0”. 


On Friday, MSNBC legal analyst, Glenn Kirschner, was speaking with liberal host Dean Obeidallah when he shockingly demanded Attorney General Merrick Garland arrest Trump for being a “public safety issue”. “Don’t we have to move out and charge Trump because he’s out there continuing to push ‘The Big Lie,’ continuing to grift his base, and in a very real sense recruiting the foot soldiers for insurrection 2.0? I think nothing would make Donald Trump happier than insurrection 2.0.”

Surprisingly, Kirschner, who is a former U.S. Army prosecutor, should know the rules of the law, yet he continued to push how Trump is a growing risk and should be arrested. “Here’s my thing: Every time I was involved in a covert investigation in the grand jury — for example going after a gang in DC — every single day, we had to make the assessment: Do we continue to investigate covertly and let these guys run around on the streets of Washington, D.C., potentially hurting others? Or have the scales tipped and is now public safety such a concern that we have to take down the investigation and make arrests and go public? I maintain that even though Merrick Garland needs time to investigate, and we’re still sort of in the early stages of a criminal investigation, public safety is at risk.”

Kirschner didn’t stop there as he suggested Trump should have been arrested a long time ago. “That’s the part that really irks me to no end because there are crimes for which Donald Trump can and should be arrested and indicted right now, but instead we are leaving him out there to grift his base to continue to push the ‘Big Lie’ and to recruit foot soldiers for insurrection 2.0. That’s what has to be addressed now!” 


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It should be noted that Kirschner never once provided any evidence to back up his claims that Trump is guilty of anything more than putting America first. And, there is even less evidence to claim he is recruiting soldiers for the next insurrection. 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on August 10, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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