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Has The Harris Plan Been Expedited?

Joe Biden’s recent problems make him a loser in 2024, almost no matter who the Republicans nominate. The fall of Afghanistan and his recent pathetic podium picture will follow him to the political grave. The Democrats know this. Hell, they knew something like this was likely long before they nominated him. But they were, and are, willing to put the country and the world in danger to achieve their political goals.

However, in 2024 there won’t be a trumped up virus to hide behind or a basement to hide in. Biden will face the full wrath of the voters for past, present, and future woes. The Democrats don’t want to go through that, especially after the likely loss of Congress in 2022. They will also not have Trump to run against, this analyst doesn’t think he’ll run, which is the main reason they won the White House in 2020. Thus, Biden is expendable. Enter President Harris.

Some think this was the plan all along. If so, recent events have moved the timetable up. Biden’s weird basement campaign was meant to protect him from the kind of public meltdown he’s had over Afghanistan. But there’s no hiding it now. Even Harris’ cackle is a public relations preference to a president who submerges into a fetal state when the heat comes calling. So what’s the plan?

Well, they can’t do it under the gun. So it won’t be immediate. But they don’t want to go into the midterms with Biden as an albatross. If this was indeed a plan then Biden knows he was a patsy president and will be ready to resign probably next spring. If not, there could be some pushback from Team Biden directed at Team Obama/Harris. Biden may be just sentient enough to resent being pushed out of power. However, if Harris uses the 25th he is at a disadvantage. Btw, there is a DC rumor that Harris’ veep pick would be Michelle Obama. Probably poppycock. Probably.

Biden’s mental condition is obvious, no doubt even to his own Cabinet. In trying to fight the 25th he’d probably just prove how bad off he is. If the wheels are in motion now, Jill Biden is absolutely part of it and, as a payoff, will get a Cabinet slot in the Harris administration. Yes, I know, positively medieval. Or, perhaps more War of the Roses. Thus, which way will the dukes jump?

Austin, Blinken, Garland, Haaland, Raimondo, Fudge, Granholm, and Harris will be for removal. The rest on the fence or leaning towards Biden for the sake of stability and also to protect their own interests in 2024. The Democrat goal is to put into place the ultimate affirmation action hire. Harris was put on the ticket only based on her gender and race. She may ascend to the big job only based on that as well.