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Facebook Doesn’t Allow Post on Illinois Police Officer of the Day

Facebook continues to be the disgusting leftists that they have always been, deciding what information we are allowed to see.

The Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police requested that Facebook to promote their Officer of the Day, Jeffrey Bieber.

They were denied [1].

The post would have been in honor of a police officer who got stabbed several times in the head and neck after finding the suspect who was involved in a domestic abuse incident. 

The police officer had to fatally shoot the suspect after his taser was unsuccessful and the suspect got on top of him. This was after the suspect went after the police officer with blows to the head when the officer tried to search the suspect.

But I can see why the Facebook censors would be up in arms. The leftists don’t like that kind of thing. You just can’t be mean to the criminals these days.

Do they care that the police officer could have died from the attack and it took him months to recover? Not really.

Do they care that the suspect, Joshua Crites, had been in an argument with a female who he pushed and then stabbed several times? Not really. 

Do they care that Crites was also accused of choking someone else? Not really.

Do they care that an adult woman and female juvenile were taken to a hospital in connection with the domestic violence incident? Not really.

The only thing that Facebook cares about is that a police officer is NOT promoted as a hero.

According to Facebook, the post was “sensitive.”

They are full of B.S. The post was a press release describing the honor that was being bestowed upon Patrolman Bieber and why. Facts. Plain and simple.

The only thing that is sensitive about it is that it shows the difficulty of the job that police officers have and what they have to do to protect themselves and the citizens of our great country.