Democrats are idiots. Proof of that is the fact that they voted to elect Joe Biden as president. 

Beside that, they are mostly ignorant of the country’s history, Constitution and laws. 

Fox News’ Jesse Waters, and others, have gone out in the public and asked democrats questions and end up displaying democrat ignorance. Democrats pretty much only have opinions on things and facts on nothing. Especially the millennials. 

Waters’ World man-on-the-street interviews everywhere he goes show how ignorant democrats are about the Constitution, socialism, political candidates and our history. It’s truly appalling.

That’s what it takes to be a democrat these days…to “feel” something based on no facts or evidence whatsoever. 

They are the flat earthers who don’t ever even try to find out the truth. They just believe their social media headlines and TikTok videos. And they hate Donald Trump. 

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They are the woke cancel culture who can’t live in a world with Washington Redskins, Dr. Seuss books or Aunt Jemima pancake syrup.

They also don’t like Republicans who have offensive sounding names. 

I’m sure that Republican Utah Governor Spencer Cox got plenty of ribbing, harassment and bullying growing up because of his last name. But alas, with democrats around, that has not ended.

Looks like a constituent of his is demanding that he change his last name. They think it’s obscene. “I will not stand for it” the democrat psycho says.

They wrote Cox a letter that said, “Because of your reluctance to change your foul, dirty and obscene surname, myself and thousands of other Utahns will be sitting in protest, not standing, until you change your heinous surname to something less offensive.”

Cox, in response, tweeted out “really grateful of the criticism and constructive feedback I get from constituents…”

It doesn’t seem like Cox is too worried about the threat to recall him from office from this self-proclaimed “very concerned citizen.”

Oddly enough, this concerned citizen hasn’t sent any letters out demanding a name-change to offensive sounding surname holder Democrat House Member Josh Harder.