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Dear Biden: Here are Ten Things That You Could Do About Afghanistan Catastrophe That You Created

This is an open letter to the pinhead who is the face of the democrat party – the front man pretending to be president: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr., born eons ago on November 20, 1942.

On the off chance that you want to be a decent person and save the Americans who are trapped in Afghanistan, as well as Afghan allies who helped us and others targeted for death, I have come up with a few suggestions for you. 

I realize that I am only a writer, a 50+ year old white woman living in the midwest. I do not have the vast foreign policy experience and corrupt relationships that you have built up over the years – but it’s really NOT brain surgery if you actually want to clean up this mess and save the people that YOU put in danger. You just have to be willing to do something.

1. Quit negotiating and taking your marching orders from Taliban terrorists. Tell them to stuff their August 31st deadline.

2. Re-take the Bagram Air Base.

3. If you honestly don’t know how many Americans are in Afghanistan, there is such thing as an Excel spreadsheet. Get the information together that you have and work with the Red Cross to compile a list of people who need rescuing just like we do in America during hurricanes.

4. Get arms and munitions to the women. Yes, there are a few women who will turn on you but by and large, the women are the ones who will be tortured, raped and murdered soon (and already have been) so it would be nice to give them some way to protect themselves and their families.

5. Set up a perimeter OUTSIDE of the Taliban perimeter. Again, this is not brain surgery. You should have figured this one out a while ago. I heard that helicopters were sent out pretty close to the outside of their perimeter to pick up Americans so clear out the pathway, moron.

6. Secure all of the major airports so that Americans can go to the nearest one to where they are. Use the worthless United Nations to do this. And QUIT IMPEDING private planes from leaving the country! Get your State Department’s ass working and clear the planes to leave!!!

7. Bomb the Embassy and the Presidential Palace. That’s where the leaders are. This should happen the MOMENT any American is killed.

8. Offer $10K a head to the Mexican cartel to get Americans safely to the airport. This seems to work well to import your illegal alien future democrat voters into the country.

9. Allow ANY American plane or helicopter and any military person the clearance to go into the country to save Americans. There are people all over the United States willing to rescue Americans even if you aren’t.

10. Bomb near any “checkpoint” that the Taliban has set up to stop people from getting out of Afghanistan i.e. don’t ALLOW them to have checkpoints. Again, not brain surgery.

The sad fact is that I doubt Biden will implement ANY of these suggestions. Every day things keep getting worse because of a lack of presidential leadership and humanity.

God bless our American hostages in Afghanistan.