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Cut and Run Biden. How He’ll Get Away With Abandoning Americans in Afghanistan.

After blaming Trump and also the Americans who didn’t get out of Afghanistan as soon as they should have, Biden is left to explain why he’s abandoning Americans in a terrorist run country.

Oh, it’s not his fault. 

He did his best.

It was always going to be “messy.”

The Biden administration says that are only about 250 Americans left there. Really? I don’t really buy that. But no matter how many are left, the Biden folks like to spin the tale that those left behind probably want to stay anyway. If they haven’t contacted a government official, that means they must not really want to leave.  

The Biden administration is so very disgusting that they actually left 24 hours earlier [1] than planned. I guess it wasn’t worth it to stay an extra day even to save 10 more Americans.

This should be the end of Biden’s presidency right here and now but after the fraudulent election, the lying FISA warrants, spying on Trump and all of the other illegal and immoral things that the democrats have gotten away with, it has become apparent that the democrats CAN and will continue to do and get away with whatever they want.

And the leftist media has Biden’s back.

They will be sure to blackout any coverage of Afghanistan in the future. They will focus on Covid, of course, the hurricane and any other things they can find to talk about as they further destroy the country. 

They will ignore Afghanistan, our allies and the Americans there just like they ignore the open borders and the devastation it brings to the United States.

Nothing will be said about the Americans in Afghanistan from the leftist media unless there’s a hostage in Afghanistan that ISIS can record and put on social media. Then CNN might have to cover it, but it will be a quick segment and Biden won’t be at fault.

Unlike us patriots who are sick to our stomachs over this whole thing and will be for months and years to come, it means nothing to the democrats. Just another failure they can pretend isn’t happening as they move on to their next propaganda.