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CDC Recommending Pfizer and Moderna Booster COVID-19 Vaccines Without Due Diligence

At least when the three vaccines that America is using came out with emergency use authorizations, they went through a decent process – the FDA studied tens of thousands of people for a certain amount of time for side effects and the efficacy of the vaccines. 

This is something that usually takes years and years but was fast-tracked during the Trump administration so that the pandemic could be curtailed, therapeutics could be tested and millions wouldn’t die. 

But at least we had a large set of data to make a decision from on whether we wanted to take one of the vaccines or not.

We are now at a point where 168.7 millions Americans are reported to be “fully vaccinated [1]” or at least what they used to call fully vaccinated. There really appears to be no such thing.

The government has the biggest amount of data that they’ve ever had for vaccines. The CDC website reports “these vaccines have undergone and will continue to undergo the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history.”

Still, with all of the information that they have, the FDA STILL hasn’t approved the Moderna, Pfizer or the Johnson & Johnson vaccines beyond the emergency use authorizations.

We are all still vaccine guinea pigs in America.

Yet somehow, even though they won’t fully approve the vaccines, the CDC thinks it’s safe to recommend a third dose for the mRNA vaccines Moderna and Pfizer for moderately to severely immunocompromised people. 

Moreover, the Biden CDC is expected to recommend a third vaccine soon for everyone [2]. So you we all need to know where they are getting their medical information from about the safety of a third dose from. Unfortunately, the data appears to be scarce.

They have a problem of waning efficacy of the mRNA vaccines to stop the spread of the virus and their answer is a third vaccine dose with little data to point to for their decision.

Why aren’t they saying why the mRNA vaccines aren’t producing the results intended? Why aren’t they studying that? What’s going wrong? And will these boosters go on forever?

Are the mRNA vaccines ineffective in stopping the spread of the virus after time? Data out of Israel tends to point to that conclusion. Or maybe more specifically the Pfizer vaccine [3] looks to be waning after time. That’s the vaccine that Israel used all across their country.

How can the Biden administration possibly recommend a third vaccine for Pfizer and Moderna without doing any large studies on what the short-term and long-term side effects will be? 

If you dig down deep enough on the CDC website, you will finally come up with a report called “Data and clinical considerations for additional doses in immunocompromised people.”

In the report, our government looks at four small studies of a whopping 107 people who were organ transplant recipients and people on hemodialysis (a process that filters waste out of kidneys).

They also cite the fact that France, the United Kingdom and Israel currently have policies to give out third doses of the vaccines.

Among those who had no detectable antibody response to their initial mRNA vaccine series, only 33 to 50% developed an antibody response to the third dose.

Not exactly promising data for a third vaccine either. And how long will THAT last?

At least no serious adverse events were reported at the time of the third dose. The side effects were similar to previous doses. But that’s just a study of 107 people and it’s not over a very long time period. Small studies don’t mean much when you start vaccinating millions of people.

The CDC recommendation that people with moderately to severe compromised immune systems get a third-dose of the mRNA vaccines Pfizer and Moderna is based on the FDA’s decision to amend the emergency use authorizations of the vaccines because data “suggests” people with compromised immune systems don’t build the same level of immunity compared to others. 

This data is based on CDC reported “small studies” where fully vaccinated immunocompromised people have accounted for a large proportion of hospitalized “breakthrough cases.”

These third doses are currently recommended for specific people [4] who are receiving active cancer treatment, those who have received an organ transplant and other defined conditions. A full list of conditions can be found at the link above.

The statement [5] coming out of the CDC says that the additional vaccine “could” help prevent serious and possibly life-threatening COVID-19 cases. They don’t know.

The CDC website [4]currently says that a person should not receive more than three mRNA vaccines. But how soon will THAT change with no due diligence being done on prolonged mRNA vaccine boosters?

So what is going to happen with all of the tyrannical governments and businesses in the future? Are we going to have to prove a third dose of the vaccine soon? And how is your local Taco Bell or Starbucks going to know if you are supposed to get a third vaccine or not? And will you be getting a second vaccine card?

We do not currently have data on large groups of people who took a third vaccine to study.

That means that we are unable to see how long a third vaccine protects us from spreading the disease or if it does a better job than the other two. 

We also can’t see if there are short or long-term adverse reactions over time. But none of this is stopping the Biden administration from telling everyone to run out and get the third vaccines.

The CDC is also mixing and matching the vaccine with no definitive studies on the safety of that either. The CDC website states “If the mRNA vaccine product given for the first two doses is not available or is unknown, either mRNA COVID-19 vaccine product may be administered.”

The most telling information that the CDC is admitting to comes out of the last paragraph on the website’s information on the booster vaccine. 

It says, “There is limited information about the risks of receiving an additional dose of vaccine, and the safety, efficacy, and benefit of additional doses of COVID-19 vaccine in immunocompromised people continues to be evaluated. So far, reactions reported after the third mRNA dose were similar to that of the two-dose series: fatigue and pain at injection site were the most commonly reported side effects, and overall, most symptoms were mild to moderate.”

So far.

That’s the life we are living during a Biden pandemic.

We are on a “so far” trajectory.

We’ll just see how things go is the attitude.

But nevertheless, the democrats will still continue mandate us to do what they say.