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Border Officials Will Soon Be Handing Out Citizenship Like Candy

The open borders and the current influx of COVID-19, guns, drugs, human trafficking and criminals is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the democrats. And it certainly isn’t moving along on a fast enough timeline for them.

More future democrats MUST be allowed in as soon as possible. 

To that end, the Biden Harris Obama administration has decided to bypass the courts (who is surprised?!) and just let the border patrol agents decide [1] who can have asylum or not AND get eventual citizenship so they can vote for democrats.

Why the heck not? Let the border patrol agents have a little control for a change. Maybe they’ll meet a cute 20-year-old who they what to hook up with later and so they give her asylum. Maybe they get slipped $1K. Maybe they get threatened by the illegals (or the Biden administration) if they don’t comply. Maybe they’re just bored or lazy or tired and will just give the illegals what they want and move them along quickly.

Who really cares? Certainly not the democrats.

It’s a GREAT strategy for the democrats as they work to obtain as many possible illegitimate votes as they can possibly muster for their party. Any way they can get a leg up to cheat is always a good move.

In their marketing spin concerning their latest border policies, The White House released a 21-point fact sheet [2] last week about how this new idea of theirs is all about “further improving the efficiency and fairness of the U.S. asylum system by authorizing asylum officers to adjudicate asylum claims for those arriving at the border and establishing clear and just eligibility standards that harmonize the U.S. approach with international standards.”

Yes, that’s just lovely. Because we all know how UNFAIR we are to illegal aliens. And we certainly want to harmonize with the rest of the planet.

This is what the Biden Harris Obama administration calls immigration “reform.” They want to reform anything at all that actually keeps illegals out of the country. That is definitely NOT GOOD for democrats.

In their blueprint with 21 points, they contend that these new policies will secure our border (HAHAHAHAHAHA), provide a pathway to citizenship (well of course) and “better manage migration across the Hemisphere.”

It’ll better manage it alright. The illegal aliens will definitely all want to come here above anywhere else. We’ll be their number one destination.

Just as laughable, the Biden folks claim that in the six months since they have been in office, they have made progress “to build a fair, orderly and humane immigration system.”

Yeah, right.

Try not to bust a gut over that one.

As usual, the democrats whine about Orange Man Bad in their document and how he unjustly prevented individuals from obtaining asylum.

So the Great Joe Biden is going to take care of all that jazz – and give the illegals cheap or free attorneys to boot if they are needed.

Oh, and get THIS one – we’re going to establish “migration resource centers” in the Northern Triangle countries to provide referrals to services for people wanting to get to the United States. 

How very nice of Biden. He’s just a great guy all-around.

I just wish I could have voted for him 10 or 20 times like the rest of my democrat friends.