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Biden: Building Back Worse and Worse and Worse and Worse

Biden’s campaign slogan when he ran against President Trump was “Build Back Better.”

What exactly is Biden building back better?

Is COVID-19 under control?


Is the economy in a good place?


Do businesses have enough workers and products?


Is Biden evacuating all of the Americans in Afghanistan who need to get out?


Is Biden implementing policies to stop the crime wave in the country?


Is Biden stopping the illegals from invading the country, bringing in COVID-19, drugs, and guns and stopping them from committing sex trafficking and other crimes?


Is Biden supporting the police?


Is Biden doing anything about inflation?


In fact, on most things, Biden is not only NOT trying to make things better, HE and his democrat friends are the cause of the problems.

But I finally figured out what the slogan is all about. It’s not about the country. It’s about the democrat party. It’s about building back the Democrat party better.

It’s about passing as many policies as possible so that the democrats can remain in power as long as possible and to get as many Americans as they can dependent on the government to survive.

to make sure that America is not a superpower and the people in it have to depend on the government to survive.

Only the jig may be up.

Biden’s all out radical progressivism and complete FUBAR in Afghanistan might sink his entire party. That is, of course, unless the fake news media is able to cover for him, possibly coming up with a way to blame Trump for everything.

The democrat party is evil. 

They are incompetent. 

They need to be as far away from our political system as possible if the country and the people in it are going to survive.