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To Texas Democrats, Not Being in Power Means That Everyone is Being “Held Hostage”

Elections have consequences. We’re seeing that every day. 

We’re in the middle of socialism, marxism, fascism, communism and every other kind of “ism” you can dream up because our Federal Government is controlled by tyrannical Democrats.

Elections also have consequences in the Texas House of Representatives and the Democrats don’t like it at all that they are not in power. Out of 150 Representatives, there are 83 Republicans and 67 Democrats. 

Poor them.

So the solution to this problem for the Democrats is to act like five-year-olds and leave the state [1] so they don’t have to deal with or vote on things that they don’t like.

There is a whole plethora of agenda items [2] that they don’t want to let the Republicans get through during the special session. 

First and foremost, the whiny Democrats in Texas don’t want any voting integrity going on in their state. 

It’s easy to see why. 

Where there is election integrity, Democrats lose. 

The whiny Democrats don’t want anything that the Texas Republicans [3] and the Governor wants including vote-by-mail ID requirements, a heightened threshold of who can vote by mail, better access for poll watchers, the ability to record voters who receive assistance filling out ballots or a review on voter rolls to kick off illegals.

No, no, no. We must continue with the cheating. That’s how “fair” and non-racist elections are done.

The Democrats lost Texas to Trump in both of the last presidential elections and that’s just not allowed. Something has to be done about that.

In addition to voting issues, the Texas Democrats don’t want to come back to deal with eliminating social media censorship, getting rid of teaching critical race theory in schools, or prohibiting transgenders from competing on school sports teams that aren’t in alignment with their biological gender.

Democrat Rep. out of Austin, Eddie Rodriguez complained about all of the agenda items by tweeting, “This list isn’t good government, but rather Texans being held hostage for the sake of Republican primary politics.”

So what’s a tyrannical whiny Democrat to do? 

Well, you take off and leave the state so that there isn’t a quorum to vote on anything. In effect, they are filibustering. But it’s okay to filibuster if you are a Democrats, not so much if you’re a Republican.

Hopefully Republican Governor Greg Abbott sticks by his word and arrests these moronic cowards when they get back in the state.

And I would LOVE to see them cuffed in public with a pretty little perp walk too.