- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

There is NO SUCH THING as Human Infrastructure

Democrats like to make up words and phrases to market their destructive ideas and policies. 

They got caught not hardly having any actual infrastructure in their infrastructure bill so they came up with the phrase “Human Infrastructure.”

That pretty much allows them to fund EVERYTHING they want.

And they will.

Their recently negotiated $3.5 trillion deal between all of the Democrat nut jobs will be another handout of freebies to their friends, family, donors and supporters. A payback [1] for all of the people who helped them cheat and win the elections that they needed to win.

Their “human infrastructure” money doesn’t have to be limited to climate change, internet, prekindergarten, subsidized child care, free community college and the rest of their wish list. 

They can fund…


Getting the grass mowed


Giving everyone a cheesecake every Friday

New underwear

McDonalds gift cards

Nail polish


The list is endless.

Everything in the world is related to human existence. Everything in the world is human infrastructure. 

So as our roads and bridges and buildings collapse, the Democrats will be sending out their money to the leftists who got them votes and to buy more in the future. 

They will all be profiting off the taxpayer – but that’s what the Democrat party does. It’s why they exist.

Never mind that you’ll be driving into a sinkhole someday because that money went to their green energy initiatives in Democrat-run cities. 

Just be happy in the knowledge that you sacrificed yourself for the Democrat party’s agenda.

You gave up getting your roads and bridges fixed so that the Democrats could hand out trillions for solar panels and racial justice programs.

And don’t worry about the fact that the Democrats are going to bankrupt the country and give us unrecognizable inflation for the unforeseeable future.

Democratic Senator and failed presidential candidate Bernie Sanders said of the deal, “This is, in our view, a very pivotal moment in American history.”

If Bernie supports it, it’s GOTTA be good for America.

I’ll be waiting for my new underwear and nail polish, Bernie.