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The Preponderance Of Race

Are you tired of talking and hearing about racial issues? I sure am. But it’s sadly an issue that won’t go away because the Left thinks they win by picking at it. With some people they do win, but America loses.

There seemed to be, between the mid 70s and early 90s, a cease fire on the matter. Not that there weren’t issues, there were. But they didn’t seem to have the vicious ignorant quality they have today. We as a country seemed to have come to a consensus.

It was simple. Whites acknowledged that blacks had been treated horribly in the past. Whites as a whole decided, certainly with ignorant exceptions, to treat black people with the respect and regard they treated each other with. We aimed for a level playing field. We strove for Dr. King’s version of America. No, it wasn’t perfect and never will be. But it was much better than the past. Affirmative action policies were perhaps initially a good idea to redress some imbalances. A national sense of fairness, of color blindness, was upon the land. It was a good thing.

However, while this was happening America was nursing vipers in her midst. A generation of academics and other chattering class types came out of the 60s hating this country with every fiber of their body. They cut their teeth in their pro-Communist homefront treachery during the Vietnam War. They decided to focus on the most recently touchy issue and the worst black mark in the American record, race relations. They needed a spark. In 1991 they got it. The Rodney King incident.

It seems to me after that and the subsequent riots, the nature of the argument changed. Yes, King should have stopped. But no, he didn’t deserve that beating. Most people thought that. The first President Bush said so in public. Nevertheless, the aforementioned academics, chattering class types, and the black hard left pounced.

From that point on whites were evil and white police were the total incarnation of evil to leftist blacks and their guilty liberal white cohorts. Naturally, as the Left owns the culture, media and entertainment followed the lead. Now the Founders were evil because they were white. Ordinary Americans who had welcomed the civil rights movement were evil only because they were white. Republicans were evil if they were white. If black, they were Uncle Toms.

The Left realized their hypocrisy, substituting racism for a differently targeted racism against whites. But the pop culture had done its job well and young dumb whites and some blacks became bitter and vicious. Democrats egged them on to cover up their own party background of slavery, Jim Crow, the Great Society, and now, critical race theory. The black Left made up stories of oppression, recall Tawana Brawley, out of nothing. They lied, spun, and called anyone who didn’t toe their line “a racist.”

We can see by the examples of the Joy Reids, the Don Lemons, and the Maxine Waters of America how well the leftist programming succeeded. And here we are today. It’s a sad place to be for a great country. Hopefully we’ll one day come back to a consensus of goodwill and equality in the eyes of the law. Until then, we fight those of any shade who would indulge in racism of any type.