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Smithsonian Collecting Memorabilia from January 6th Capitol Riot

The riot at the Capitol on January 6th has become a holiday for the Democrat party. They even celebrated the six-month “anniversary [1]” of the event a few days ago. 

The Democrats have grabbed on to the event and ran with it for marketing purposes because it’s the gift that keeps on giving. Republicans rarely act like unruly mobs like Democrats do – so it was definitely something that needed to be exploited.

The Democrats used it to get Trump off social media, they used it to fence off the Capitol, they are using it to go after “terrorists” in military and police departments, they are using it to do a horse and pony show to “investigate” the event by the House of Representatives and they use it to pass their time on Twitter. It’s pretty much all they talk about constantly.

The Smithsonian [2] wants to help the leftists keep the story alive so they are collecting “artifacts” for a display at the National Museum of American History. The museum wants to “help future generations remember and contextualize Jan. 6 and its aftermath” says the museum’s director, Anthea Hartig.

Yes, of course they do. They want to remind everyone about what happened on January 6th when a few hundred out of control Trump supporters, anarchists and leftists had a riot in the Capitol – some of whom were let in by the police and some were not.

And yes, I am saying hundreds, not thousands because only 550 have been charged [3] with crimes from that day. The “thousands” number comes from the number of people who were at the rally.

It’s funny how I haven’t heard anything about the Smithsonian collecting artifacts from the year-plus Antifa terrorist riots. And I don’t think they have collected anything from the Congressional Baseball shooting where Steve Scalise was shot, a police officer was shot and killed, and other Republicans were shot at by the Bernie Sanders supporter.

Those events are historic too – but obviously not important to the leftists at The Smithsonian.

They have been, however, collecting things from the BLM protests. I’m sure that the BLM folks will only be represented in a nice and peaceful way and the museum will paint the those protesters and rioters in the best possible light.