There’s an interesting story out of Colorado this weekend. A liberal attorney has pleaded guilty to a whole passel of charges stemming from her plot to kill her estranged husband’s girlfriend. Woman scorned story. Heard it before. Yawn. But wait, there’s more…

This chick, Jennifer Emmi, wasn’t your garden variety ambulance chaser, corporate shyster, or family court mouthpiece. Nah. This lass was an animal rights attorney. FNC provides some details.

“The affidavit states that Emmi supposedly approached a farmhand and a trained military sniper in November of 2020 about killing her estranged husband’s girlfriend. Emmi was arrested in January. Law enforcement documents obtained by Fox News say Emmi, who also went by the name Jennifer Edwards, had an alleged history of threatening and violent behavior, including against her children.

In January 2020, Emmi ‘pulled a knife’ on her estranged husband, Donald “Donnie” Emmi, and ‘put it to his neck’ while he was holding one of their children, according to Donnie Emmi’s allegations disclosed in Jefferson County law enforcement documents…Emmi, who is based in the town of Evergreen, is a well-known animal rights attorney in the area, having worked at The Animal Law Center and appeared on local TV.”

So, this woman devoted time and career to the rights of animals. But when it comes to the right to life of humans? Meh. It’s the leftist dichotomy. Do as I say, not as I do or even as I say in other situations.

Thus the same people who say “my body, my decision” have no problem coercing others into taking vaccine shots. The same who say “make love, not war” love abortion, which is a byproduct of their own advice. Those who say they are fighting against racism don’t mind it if it’s directed against a PC-approved oppressor race. Say you hate the filibuster because it perverts the legislative process? But Texas Democrats skipping work to keep a bill from becoming law, well, that’s just fine. Hated what you thought was a dictatorship under Trump here (I know, how was it a dictatorship if they could safely say that in public?), but it’s quite alright in Cuba.

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Another might call it hypocrisy. But this Sunday we’re quaffing icy margaritas and enjoying a fine cigar in the company of pals. So, in our contentment, we’ll take the high road, for once.

Leftists don’t see hypocrisy or a dichotomy at all in the above situations. They aren’t wired that way. To them, the quest for raw power takes precedence over trifles like intellectual consistency or integrity. What matters is gaining the sanctimonious upper hand (well, that was a short stroll on the high road), in any given political situation. So if hypocrisy and double dealing are the name of the game? Fine. And anyway, they think American voters are such a bunch of knuckle-dragging goobers they’ll never notice. About half of the time, they are sadly correct.