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NY Times Reporter Admits That Democrats are Anti-American With Her “Enemies of the State” Comment

It’s easy to see that Democrats have become more and more anti-American over the years as their policies and attitudes are constantly in contrast with the founding of our country and established norms.

NY Times Reporter, Katie Benner, finally verified [1] what Democrats really think of the political enemies by saying that Trump supporters need to be recognized as enemies of the state. 

She’s not concerned about Antifa or BLM rioters, the anti-semites in Congress, China, Iran or terrorists. She’s after Trump supporters (who isn’t?)

Benner got on Twitter’s bash-Trump-supporters bandwagon yesterday regarding the January 6th Capitol riot and said that the committee underscores legitimate national security threats. 

But she doesn’t think Nancy’s dog and pony show will amount to much and said that the threat now entails calling a politician’s supporters “enemies of the state.”

When she got a little backlash, she deleted the tweet and said she had “unclearly worded tweets.”

Yeah right.

I really don’t mind her calling us enemies of the state because YES in fact we are enemies of the America-destroying Democrats in charge of the state right now.

We reject 99.999% of everything that they say and do.

And I can totally see why the democrats think that we are their enemy…

We want adherence to the Constitution

We want election integrity.

We want blind justice.

We want free trade.

We want equal opportunities, not equal outcomes.

We want low taxes, minimal regulations and small government.

We want individual liberty.

We want the government to quit spending our money.

We want secure borders.

Yep. we’re DEFINITELY ENEMIES OF THE STATE of the democrat party.